This is #6 in a row I've gotten an ally abandoning match

Again, in a row. I have “great karma” but that doesn’t seem to do me any good.
Now granted it doesn’t count against me, but it’s wasting time otherwise.
Does Super Evil Whatever have some sort of trolling vendetta via match making?

the one thing that no online game cant control is players abandoning the game right when they are not supposed to.

you can punish them all you want, the real life simply cant be ignored.

Hey, try to post in the right subforum, please. I’ve moved this for you.

Sorry you’re getting a bad spell of AFKs. I think it’s happening because a lot of new players are picking up the game without realizing how bad it is to abandon matches. Now that 5v5 is out though, SEMC should be able to devote more time to quality-of-life stuff like implementing anti-trolling systems.


'might be a server issue, too. EU has been shaky again during the last two days, and besides my own issues, there have been tons of disconnects on either team - some of which were almost certainly not intentional.

I have the same problem. 7 or 8 matches in a row so far for me with at least one afk. Matches usually end with two afks. These usually happen when people perform bad and go 1/12. Just annnoying it happens every match. 5v5 ranked will hopefully fix this.

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