This Hybrid Lyra that got us the win



stacking attack speed actually works? nice.


I thought that he/she was a troll at first. But then we steamrolled the enemies’ turrets.


Would you consider this an optimal build? Why not double TT plus BP and SB for example?

I see more double AC is someone able to calculate if it is worth buying more than one of those?


I think he/she is looking for a build leaning on attack speed. That can be optimal if you’re using raw WP to win though.


Wow, two ACs? From what I know, item abilities can’t be stacked, only basic buffs.


Yep, you’re right. Only the CP and attack speed were doubled, not the passive ability.




Since i have DD lyra now
Time to test run this build


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@idmonfish see topics do shut down automatically…


Aye I think what went wrong was I flipped this setting for the Salt Mine but it ended up taking effect here as well. I’ve now switched it off here.