Thinking of 3v3 changes

I still like 3v3 over 5v5 and i think its time for semc to change it like they wanted before but probably being the only mode made them afraid of any change !

So what i think is this

  1. remove crystal sentry elimination and make him with his prev attack range , and make the team taking it get a buff like ghost wing buff , and make his team (the defenders get some kind of buff while around him) , so defenders gets a kind of buff around and once its taken the buff get stronger and move to enemy team .

  2. kraken capture bar start moving once kraken spawn with different acceleration , so the kraken getting captured by a neutral force and teams need to act , steal it from the neutral force or fighting each other and stop the capturing , it resets whenever somone attack the other team , after 2 minutes of no one capturing , the kraken capturing bar will get rapidly moving up whoever get last hit get it .

  3. last turrets cant be pushed without kraken , the vain defend the last turrets from minions and heroes but it stops against kraken , and the kraken get faster movement against the last turrets to prevent killing him before reaching them .

I like 1 and 2.

3 is abit messy and I dont feel it’s needed.

Love your 1 hate your 2 and 3.

Lets say you have CP Vox and Churnwalker together with a bursty wp vs enemy Celeste/Skaarf with Cath/Ardan and a DPS jungler. You will be so screwed!!!

1 is nice especially for junglers as it gives more incentive to raid the enemies jungle. 2 and 3 seem a little off especially together

1 is literally how things used to be back in the day. A team could capture the crystal mine and then it would belong to that team. Now the other team will have to recapture their or the enemy team’s miner cause their minions are buffed and ur are nerfed as they have both the crystal miners.

2 is toxic as no one will attack the kraken and only steal it with an ultimate.

3 is messed up and needs a rework

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honestly the thread is about #1 but the 2 other points came to balance #1

because the buff can be too strong to end the game fast so you need #3
and making crystal miners strong can lead to stale game because everyone going to wait others
so making kraken getting by neutral force going to make the game faster and fast decisions going to be made , so you could win because of your enemy mistake or your amazing decision .

i want the crystal sentry to give buffs and defend the jungle better , make the game decision harder and rewards good strategy gameplay .