Think I had my longest Aral game ever

It was 22+ minutes, it was kind of nuts. It was Reza (me), Skye, Silvernail against Samuel, Anka, Taka and neither team wanted go for the turrets at the end so it just dragged on. I think I ended with something like 18k gold.

We ended up winning after waiting them out, Skye and I took out the last turret and almost the Vain before we died, then Silvernail came sprinting in and finished it off at the last second.

I didn’t get a screenshot I was too excited, but my KDA was something like 18/4/7 so I’m very proud of myself and my team for making it work.


That sounds so stressful! I’d probably have a panic attack in an ARAL match if it went over 15 minutes, let alone 22.

Lol I’ve had quite a few long aral games. I usually always push to give the enemy team a second chance at a comeback if we have them at vain.

My longest match was over 40 minutes. Both teams were really equal in strength, so none of us could engage. The teamfights always ended in one player alive from both teams, but not enought to push for the win. At the end I lost the last fight, one of the enemies survive with little health, but he manage to push thanks to the long time before respawn.

My second longest ARAL was around 32 minutes. It ended with no fights due to how paired both teams were, and the game just classified both teams (the 6 member) as deserters, so we saw how both teams surrendered at the same time. Ive never seen something like that since then.