The Worst Loss In Blitz I've Ever Experienced


As the title says, this is the most bullshit loss I’ve ever seen. The fault wasn’t with my team, nor the Cansei player who was dominating our team, but with the fucking dumbass game. First off, in the beginning of the match, a few seconds after Cansei first killed me, he was killed by a turret. However, for some fucking reason, THE FUCKING GAME DECIDED TO FUCKING GIVE THE ENEMY TEAM A FUCKING POINT FOR HIS FUCKING SUICIDE!! And that’s not all. At the end of the match, we were taking the mid miner uncontested. And when we killed him, guess what? THE FUCKING GAME GAVE THEM 3 FUCKING POINTS, MAKING THEM WIN THE FUCKING MATCH!! If this isn’t called a rigged game, I don’t know what the fucking hell to call this dumb bullshit.




Now this, this is bullshit

Contacts smec and call for a refund


You’re raging over a 5 minute game…


Doesn’t change the fact that the match was broken from the start.


Blitz is still ranked tho and bugs are still bugs. Imagine you kill a turret in 3v3 and instead of the enemy turret, your turret dies.


Yeah except 3v3 is a 20 minute game in which i invest my everything and blitz is a B L I T Z. I don’t aknowledge blitz as a
" ranked " mode, because it’s downright broken with talents and there is little skill involved.

But the fact that a bug is a bug doesn’t change and yes that sucks.

BUT then again, spewing hot magma out of your mouth over a 5 minute game is ridiculous.


I just had an enemy gwen spamming her emote
"Keeping the Undertakers in business ;)"
“Keeping the Undertakers in business ;)”
“Keeping the Undertakers in business ;)”
“Keeping the Undertakers in business ;)”
“Keeping the Undertakers in business ;)”
“Keeping the Undertakers in business ;)”

Edit: Literally whenever she was doing anything she did the emote, even when running away from a Krul which has shiversteel, bitch was crazy


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