The typical blitz rant

And… That’s why I hate talents :wink:

I had success today against a 2400+ and level 7 epic talent Kensei using Catherine and my epic talent. Threw on a :vgitem_shiversteel: and kept spamming Cat’s A. The stuns got through fairly often and left Kensei exposed.

Also, I believe it’s @Guest_78 who has mentioned to try and use Silvernail with his legendary talent. But yes, Kensei epic talent is essentially a guarantee win for that player

Silvernail legendary is very effective against him unless they buy CS, which in this case he didn’t.

try the toxic ylva epic + sn L combo. “When you’re not rooted, you’re silenced, or silenced and rooted, so basically stunned.”

I think the most toxic combination is Ylva epic with lorelai epic and tony legendary. Tried it yesterday i actually felt bad for my opponents.

Tony L you say? Does it improve the taunt that much? And also, yeah that sounds brutal

Kensei isn’t the issue here. He had no kills and no assists so the team held up quite good against him i would say.

The problem is OP Kestrel going off and probably taken mid and crystal monster. She had all the points in the group.

Those 3 would prove difficult to beat but Kestrel player knew how to beat a blitz game.

Kensei was definitely an issue, he wasn’t going for kills he was just rushing sentries and turrets since he’s invincible. Our opponents only got 1 kill, you can kinda figure their play-style from that little hint.

It would be interesting to have Blitz without any sentries.

Then range/siege comps would rule, it would basically be br with the ability to navigate trough the jungle and it would be totally unfun since you get to choose your hero. What would really be interesting is blitz with no talents.

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What if the middle sentry was worth 2 points? That could make things a little more interesting. I agree that it’d be nice to see Blitz without talents - that was supposed to be a rotating game mode… fail.

Doubt it would change anything besides making games slightly longer and the real issue is jungle sentries, a real sweaty blitz team would play a split pushing strategy for instance the lance in that game kept going for jungle sentry and with his epic talent being high level he’s impossible to stop since he can ult every 2 seconds, he can just jump jungle walls forever. If you leave him he does have the ability to take the jungle sentry, if you waste your time chasing him kestrel and kensei push towers.

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