The turret is a little bit of in the circle texture


If you guys take a look on the top and bottom lane, the turret fits exactly on the circle, but on the mid lane,
It obviously looks off from the circle, why is that?


Noooooooo! I cannot unsee this. I agree that looks very off.


SEMC is ocviously an OCD free zone :confused:


God. Why did you have to show me this? Now it’s going to tick my OCD off everytime I’m the mid laner.


I’m sure it’s because they moved the turret position in testing and the art dept hasn’t had time to fix the ground texture, but still … I can’t unsee it either. I hope it’s fixed in 3.0 …



Literally unplayable.
Maybe they’ll have it fixed in the next update.


I’m freaking out right now no why