The State of Pulseweave in the Current Meta

It has been quite a few updates since the 3 new defensive items were released into VG and I happen to wonder about the state of Pulseweave in the Current Meta.

Pulseweave for the last 2 updates has been the odd duck compared to the other 2 new defensive items. Capacitor plate has found its place in the meta from the very beginning with heroes who use barriers, heals and fortified health and Rook’s Decree has been useful for its teamwide shields.

Pulseweave however has not been as favoured as the other 2. For one, you can easily trigger its passive when you suffer poke damage from the enemy team, making it completely useless for 30 whole seconds. Second, the only utility you get from it is a 2 slow that only triggers when then you deal the damage that comes with it.

But all is not lost for it, the pros have found a very good use for pulseweave in this new “tank” top lane meta where unusual top laners(usually captains) make use of this item.

First of all, using pulseweave on melee captains such as Tony, Catherine, Fortress, Flicker, Ardan, and Grace provides the Tankiness they need as a top laner with a whopping 700 health and the lifespring passive which keeps them health in-between battles. Second, since captain top laners only build stormcrown as their only damage item, they severely lack damage to contribute to the team besides their in-build utility in their kits. Pulseweave fixes both of those problems. The slow adds additional utility while the damage is AOE and it is pretty big when you build tons of health items(It can go to the 500+ range). Not to mention, it gives a burst of movement speed when the passive is activated AND it gives an additonal 10% movement speed, making it an amazing item for those top laners who constantly engage on the enemy team and catch up to them when they try to run away.

Finally, after 2 updates of almost being ignored, pulseweave has finally found its purpose. I only hope it stays this way.

Additonal thoughts?

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I mean I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing multiple pulseweaves every game for at least 2 patches. It is probably the most used of the 3.

Lol Pulseweave is spammed on almost every melee heroes and you say it isnt viable

I hate stormcown on top laners…
Aftershock/clockwork is worth a lot more…

Pulseweave is literally the best item in the game lol people been spamming it since day 1… what game you playing.


Yep. The 3 tank/melee, 2 ranged meta with 2-3 pulseweaves has been popular for 2 patches. The item offers a ton of value.

I tried pulseweave before boots on cath and it offers a better escape/reliable speedboost…

Pulseweave is not OP but very very useful. Especially on melee heroes…

Before I ramble, props. That was well written. It’s nice to see that in the current days of VG discussion in general.

I have personally seen pulseweave be popular in the mid tiers on Top laners and Junglers, but as you get to higher elo, the popularity of it drops slightly. This is mainly because many captains in this meta like to go for Fountain/Cruc/Plate as their first three items, meaning that they won’t have an Atlas until later in the game. Atlas as a first or second item can make you a threat in teamfights no matter what, as long as you can get near the enemy WP carries.

After the classic SC/AS first buy, I see many utility top laners go for a Atlas, THEN Pulseweave/Treads. In the ideal situation you would build it first to make use of its health regen, but honestly SC and AS have dueling power that’s too important to skip, especially in soloQ.

Exceptions are Fort and Flicker. These two characters can buy Pulse first and work out well, but half of the reason it works for them is not because they’re engage champions, but because they don’t work with Plate…

And even on Fort you might still go for that CDR first, even as a Captain. ):

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