The star queen-A guide to celeste

I have been having decent success with Celeste in mid lane and decided to make a guide.
Heliogenesis cannot be body blocked
Insane aoe damage
Aoe stun which adds to team utility
Global presence with ult
Built in vision with A+perk
Can siege and zone very well
Incredibly squishy
Late game hero needing 4 damage items and gets online after level 8
Very immobile
All abilities are skillshots

A skill:
Celeste drops a star which does damage on impact. Landing another star on a existing star makes it go supernova and deal damage. It is a skillshot and her primary source of damage so landing it is important. Max this first for the range increase (7.5-9.5) and start sieging turrets after that. Landing A is good but making it go supernova is what makes her damage go from good to crazy.
Tips to use it-

  1. If you are against dive comps have a few stars very close to you to make them go supernova when dived
  2. Use A when running away to dissuade chasing, if still being chased landing a stun+supernova will turn fights around. This is useful when being chased by non bursty heroes such as reim or sustain Rona
  3. If you are entering a skirmish where your teammate is engaged with an opponent first place an A between you and the enemy in case they change targets and dive you. After doing this drop stars directly on the enemy
  4. It gives vision in brushes so use it constantly to check for ganks

B ability:
It is an aoe stun with a decent range and is a skillshot. Landing it is extremely important because it is her only way to handle dives and as she is squishy so mistiming it usually results in death. Use 4 points in it unless you are facing heavy dive, then overdrive it for increased stun time. You can use it offensively when the situation demands it but don’t waste it because it leaves you extremely open to ganks. I would say landing B is more important to Celeste than landing A
Tips to use it-

  1. Landing it is far easier on heroes with targeted dashes because their dive is predictable and always land in the same place. Landing it on Blackfeather A is more easier than landing it on a reza B or Glaive A.
  2. Place it on your feet when dived and move back a bit, the aoe is good enough to stun even those caught in the edge, when you place it in front of you it is more likely to miss as divers usually land on you
  3. Use it to disrupt abilities like adagios ult or graces ult if you are relatively safe

Ult ability:
Global ability which has good aoe and fairly low cooldown. Each level increases number of stars and is good to overdrive this in 99% of the cases. It is the slowest of all global abilities so predicting is necessary when sniping cross map.
Tips to use it-

  1. It takes approx 12 seconds(3.0) for it to move from base to dragon pit.
  2. Go to practice/bot and get a general idea of travel times(base-pit, top-mid…) as it is very helpful
  3. Ping an ally when ulting to indicate where it will be reaching, some teammates try to lure enemies into being hit
  4. Use it offensively in teamfights to deal insane aoe damage (11+ DE stacks) or defensively to scatter part divers
  5. Have vision on neutral objectives to get those steals, you can get both dragons at 5% health with max ult as it deals a lot of damage. The lead star cannot be bodyblocked so plan based on it

Offense- 4 items are a must. Start with a crystal bit and battery, get another CB+start building first item when going to shop next time.I go CW first usually to make use of the active and spam helios. DE/SG second item if no sustain on enemy team, SG if enemy team has 3+ squishies as fights won’t last that long . SF is good with mortal wounds and DoT but can be 3rd/4th purchase ,if enemy has 2+ sustain heroes get it second. I don’t get EoH much on Celeste but the lifesteal is good if you are taking a lot of damage and she can regain health fast because she does aoe damage , get it as 3rd item if needed. FB is good against mobile heroes . The build usually goes like 1 CD item+1 Damage +1 Utility(MW,lifesteal or Slow) +1 pierce item, if pierce is not needed get another utility item.

Aegis or SH. Don’t go for double defense, if you need to get Aegis+SH, ignore MJ. If you ever need double defense on Celeste then you most likely picked wrong in the draft or have bad positioning.

JB if you need to reposition a lot, which you might need to. I personally prefer it better for it allows to get to safety more often. HC is a good choice, it provides CDR+long sprint

Hero matchups:
1)Adagio- Favourable matchup. He is immobile, gets outranged and his Ult can be cancelled by the stun. Just watch out for his early game and respect the damage
2)Ardan- Neutral matchup. Reflex the ult, he can vangaurd one ally but her aoe damage hits all his teammates
3)Alpha-Neutral matchup. Can dive deep and destroy you if you get caught in her A. Dodge the A and she can be kited easily, can easily kill her in reboot with A+B+A combo or something similar to that
4) Baptiste -Good matchup. Celeste outranges him and he is immobile so can land stars more easily. Just stay safe early game where he can take advantage of shorter range
5)Baron-Favourable/Neutral matchup. Easy to handle weapon Baron and can bully him early game, cp Baron has greater range and Celeste is immoble so it’s all about who can land their A
6) Blackfeather -Terrible matchup. Can dive easily and can dodge stun with his Ult.
7)Catherine- Bad matchup. Her B makes her very good against Celeste, avoid landing supernova when her B is up
8)Churnwalker- Neutral matchup. Avoid the chains
9)Flicker-Good matchup. Her A and perk reveals flicker but if he manages to slip through his B is a killer. Have vision on brushes at all times and basic attack him when safe
10)Fort- Bad matchup. Can dive with entire team giving speedboosts and cp fortress chunks health
11)Glaive- Bad matchup. Has only one gapcloser but afterburn absolutely kills Celeste.Block the stun, stun him and boots away to safety. If you miss the stun then you are dead as he still stays on top of you
12)Grace - Neutral matchup. Directional shield is not much good against supernovas, weapon grace hits hard so be careful
13)Grumjaw- Neutral matchup. Avoid him early game, kite him late game. Block ult to stay alive because if you go into his mouth you are going back to base
14)Gwen- Neutral matchup. Stay behind and don’t let her come close, she can block B and just delete you.
15)Idris-Terrible matchup.Wp is stupid mobile and can burst her down quickly. Cp idris is neutral matchup as you can zone him well but he can land chakrams easily
16)Joule-Neutral/Bad. She is immobile but hits hard, block stun and kite once she has no gapcloser left. Cp joule can delete you with ult and Celeste is as mobile as a minion so get SH to survive
17)Kestrel-Neutral. Both are immobile and both have skillshots which hit very hard.
18)Koshka-Terrible matchup. Speed boost makes it hard to land skills on her and she can destroy you early game.
19)Krul-Favourable matchup. Can kite him easily
20)Lance-Bad matchup. Celeste is immobile and he can land impales easily. Can block or easily roll out of stun and then take her down.
21)Lorelei -Neutral matchup. Can set up ganks easily with her A but she doesn’t pose a threat herself
22)Lyra-Neutral matchup.
23)Ozo-Terrible matchup. Kit is full of gapclosers and he hits hard. Block ult , stun and run away. Handle him like a more mobile version of glaive
24)Petal-Favourable matchup. Her pets won’t last long against Celeste
25)Phinn- Good matchup. Immobile and can build stacks of him. Ult is deadly , so block it or just die because you failed to
26)Reim- Favourable matchup. Only means of mobility will be JB, so kite him.
27)Reza-Terrible matchup. My most feared matchup as Celeste. Hits very hard, can dodge everything you throw with his B+ult.
28)Ringo-Favourable matchup. Outrange and kill him
29)Rona-Favourable matchup. Can be kited fairly well, stun her out of the ult. Watch out for Shiversteel Rona or crit rona
30)Samuel-Neutral matchup. Is somewhat mobile for a mage. Have someone bodyblock his A and you can handle him
31)Saw-Favourable matchup. Walking turret to others, walking target practice for you. Landing stuns and supernovas is easy , just wait for his B and stun him
32)Skaarf-Neutral matchup. Fireball easy to dodge,watch out for his goop and stun his Ult
33)Skye- Bad/Terrible matchup. Cp Skye is mobile and landing hits on her is tough. Wp Skye is more mobile and can dodge everything
34) Taka-Terrible matchup. Can be outplayed at times. He is predictable, land stun when he xretsus and stay safe. Lots of takas are bad and predictable (C+A+B) but good takas are a nightmare who bait out the stun and then kill you. Have vision on him with A+perk and stun him when he flips back on you, this is a way to survive against takas.
35)Varya-Neutral. She can hit you in the backlines with perk and is fairly mobile. Stun her when channeling ult or B
36)Vox-Neutral/Favourable matchup. Depends on vox players. You outrange him a lot and can zone very well but vox can dive and is mobile enough to not get caught in the stun
37)Tony- Bad matchup? I am guessing this based on his kit. His B taunts you and ult displaces you. Activate A and then 2 AA+B+ult into team and then final AA for stun. This can be a good combo against Celeste I guess

Any feedback is appreciated and if other players find me wrong feel free to correct me


I would just add that Landing her B takes very well calculated timing and is the single most important skill you need to learn when playing Celeste.

ideally, placing it at the predicted position of the enemy, somewhere in between you and the enemy… which could be at your feet, if it is… Get a few good supernova’s out…definitely pop your boots and re-position in a more favorable spot.

Celeste is very team oriented. have your team around, or be backing someone up.

Spamming your A is good… but know the range of the supernova as this can actually be CC if used wisely, example - deliberately guiding them to the brush where your team is hiding…

I’m also not very sure about the travel time of her ULT… i think they made it faster in the next patch…


About the travel time of ult I mentioned the 3.0 time, they have made it a bit faster because sometimes it is so slow to reach. I am planning to do frequently used ult paths travel time after update drops

you don’t need 4 items to do stuff on celeste…
CW is not a good first item, you lack damage and have a weaker power spike compared to items such as SG, SF and FB. DE is absolute garbage now, requiring 7 seconds of poke/combat to deal as much as a SG will. EoH is redundant with CW and usually not good due to the prevalence of mortal wounds. Pierce is pretty much always needed due to heroes having base shield values and almost everyone purchasing some sort of shield.

Two defense is not necessary but can be situationally useful, such as when more enemies are WP, as SH is procced by literally anything late game.

Alpha is actually quite good against you, as you have one stun compared to her spammable dashes
Baptiste is neutral due to being able to lock you down if he gets close enough, although it favors her if she can position herself well
WP Baron does not get bullied that much by Celeste, and late game can almost oneshot you, although nerfs made him pretty bad
Flicker is a neutral matchup which depends on you having vision
Krul is kinda unkitable now bc of buffs…
Reim is a maybe, ask DieNuBs for more info
Ringo bursts down Celeste super easily early-mid game, as his B makes it harder to hit him
Vox is not a favorable matchup in any way… hes like ringo but with more mobility and less damage


DE is situational now, if the team has 2 or more frontliners DE is pretty good if not SG is much better. I prefer CW first item because it is cheap and the active helps in more stuns and ult mid game. I usually get some raw damage by the time I hit lvl 8 and play a bit safe until then, so cw helps me stay safe better than a SG will. I never get FB or EoH but some people prefer lifesteal so I just included in case .
Alpha is a neutral matchup in the sense if she latches onto Celeste she is dead unless someone peels for her, that is why I recommended to dodge her A. Both of them have enough damage to kill each other, celeste can make reboot hell while alpha is devastating if caught with A when she has 3 core charges
Anyone getting close to Celeste is a threat to her, not only vox or Ringo. She has to maintain her range and not let them get close to her. Ringo early-mid game can destroy celeste but late game ringo has nothing on her. Vox and Gwen are good as they can get close due to mobility and built in reflex (Gwen), they have enough in their kit to outplay Celeste but are still manageable because they have lesser range
Krul is nerfed now so he is more manageable but still kitable because he has low mobility outside of his perk. I wouldn’t say cp bap is a neutral matchup, pre level 8 he can handle her but as the game goes longer he loses advantage over her. Wp baptiste>Cp baptiste when handling celeste as his main source of damage isn’t bodyblocked by minions in lane and it would be a neutral matchup. Wp Baron can no longer one shot anyone, he used to be a late game monster.Cp Baron can easily handle celeste though plus he hits spike with CP unlike celeste who gets good at lvl8

Problem with cw first is that your entire early game you will lack damage. Until you finish it you get no power from it. No cp just a bit of cd and energy. Meanwhile building crystal shards would amp your damage significantly. Delaying a t3 to get energy and damage at the same time is probably better.

2 cp bits+ clockwork deals decent damage. It is okay to build it second too, both CW+DE/SG are item powerspikes the order will just delay either damage or cooldown accordingly.

How do you rush CW?
If you build crystal bit, energy battery, cb chronograph->CW then that is quite okay.

But going straight for CW without bits is extremely weak.

Yes I begin with CB+battery. Get another CB+start cw in my next shop. Getting cw alone first without any damage to back it up is bad , two bits can deal decent damage and help secure kills on those who might escape with a tiny amount of health if not for that damage

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I know. But when you state you go CW first in a guide you will have a lot of people who misunderstand…
I do that too sometimes I finish a heavy prism before CW but first or second while building the other t3 is nice.

I could have elaborated, I will edit to add the info

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