The Shadow Trio [3 heroes released at once] and a Shadow Mirror [new item]

3 people, friends with each other, worships the same gods and now they are going to join the Churn to spread the darkness upon everything!

Opreah, the Shadow Machinist (Ranged Carry) (dev gonna release her? NEVER! It gonna be stupidly hard to balance her)

  • Perk - Energy Converter: Opreah uses Shadow power, which extracts from Churn energy to convert Weapon and Crystal Power from each other. That’s why she treats Shield Pierce and Armor Break as once (if she buy Bonesaw, she could even shred enemies’ shield). Moreover, her basic attack is replaced with a shadow bolt which deals 45-90 + 130% (CP Ratio) and convert 5% (+5% CP) of enemies most Power (depend which is highest, Crystal or Weapon Power) to the other type of Power.
  • A - Shadow Shield: Opreah casts a barrier to herself, shielding her from damage. When the shield break, it will does damage to all enemies nearby. She could break the shield earlier by casting this skill again. The strength and damage of the shield is scaled based on her WP Ratio, not CP Ratio.
  • B - Shadow Field: Passive: whenever Opreah convert enemies’ Power after her dash, she will stack them. Active: she would dash to a location and generate a shadow field, dealing burst WP damage after 2s (again, only WP Ratio) and slow the enemies depending on the stack.
  • C - Shadow Mimic: in the next 8 seconds, her basic attack and damage will be amplified by 20%/25%/25% and trigger the Passive from her items TWICE! (SpellFire deals x2 damage burn, Aftershock deals x2 damage and lifesteal, etc.)

D’Rose, the Shadow Manipulator (Melee Jungler), who will steal your shadow if you act carelessly.

  • Perk: D’Rose’s shadow basic attack will increase more if it has more WP. However, they can slow the enemies with their basic attack if they have CP.
  • A - Shadow Steal: D’Rose steals the target’s shadow and use them as a munion (this annoying munion will act like Petal’s munion) which gains additional stats depending the target’s items (if she steals shadow from a hero building more WP, shadow just copy WP stat) if they are heroes and she just steals health stat if she target a minion or jungle brats. Overdrive: Stealing the shadows from hostile target will lower their damage output by 8%.
  • B - Shadow Dash: D’Rose dash to the enemies’ location, bringing the shadow with her. They deal damage to everything they pass and takes no damage while dashing.
  • C - Shadow Merge: D’Rose and the shadow merge as once for a long duration (about 2/3 CD). During that time 30%/40%/50% of the shadow’s stat will be transferred to D’Rose. Moreover, she can still catch another shadow to replace the old one, since after the merge, the old one will break and vanish.

Lexi, the Shadow Shaman (Ranged Captain).

  • Perk: Lexi’s basic attack is two seperate attacks which fire at once (One is from her, and one is from her shadow). One deals 40-95 + 70% CP (herself) and one deals 15-60 + 30% CP with a 20% slow effect in 2s (shadow). The shadow will automatically attack enemies in range even Lexi herself is not attacking. Its attacks favor random enemy heroes.
  • A - Shadow Connection: Lexi make a connection with a target hero, increasing their speed when they travels near each other and heals both of them over time. The link won’t broke until Lexi goes to far away from the target or the target die. If the target is an enemy heroes, slow them down and dealing damage but no speed buff or healing buff. Overdrive: target allied heroes will receive x2 speed buff when running toward Lexi.
  • B - Shadow Shot: Lexi shoots her shadow in a cone before her, silencing the enemies. The shadow will now attached to the allied hero for 5s if they are in the way of her shot. Overdrive: Lexi will cast a doppelganger of the shadow to the allied side to keep the shadow with her. The image won’t deal damage but still have the slow buff.
  • C - Death Aura: Passive: Lexi makes a Death Aura to the surrounding. If they die under effect of Death Aura, they will receive 4%/8%/12% stat reduction in the next 40/50/60 seconds after they revive. Active: enemies nearby her will receive 15%/20%/25% more damage in next 5 seconds.

New Item: Shadow Mirror: (350HP, 350 Energy)
Passive: when the user is death, REVIVE THEM after 1 second with 40% max HP and energy left for 5 seconds and all CD in their abilities refresh. Their death timer starts only when they die again.

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Opreah description: buy her WP will make her skills deal more damage meanwhile buy her CP will make her basic attack deal more damage while weakening enemy heroes. It is best to make her a hybrid hero who buy items not for stats, but for effect.

Lexi description: immobile Skye. However, even she can’t catch up with her teammates, she could send her Shadow to continue dealing damage and slowing enemies. Moreover, it’s best not to die around her since you will get a penalty by doing so.

D’Rose description: a hybrid jungler who can use her shadow as a meatshield by stealing jungle minions’ shadow or assassin the enemy if she could steal the shadow from a rich hero. High potential when your team snowballs the enemies.

Shadow Mirror Description: you wake up from death just to use your skills once again. Work pretty effectively to all kinds of hero (especially Lexi)

The Shadow Mirror concept seems cool, I’d say restore 1/3 of health and energy and increase movement speed a moderate amount but break after use?


sweet im now a vg hero : D


Not a bad idea. However, by adding the effect break after use, it is not a very good choice anymore (since I make this item for captain mostly, and they have to die for carry a lot). We can change it so that it only provides effects, but no stats. By this it would be suitable for carry only.

The way I make Shadow Mirror is an improvement of Guardian Angel from LOL. However, I aim for the utility by focus on the tide-turning aspect, not just a defense item.

Well, 3 heroes, so 3 times as many questions. I’ll do it by hero.

I don’t quite understand how her kit fits together. you’ve given her CP ratio on her basic attacks, but all her abilities are WP based? It doesn’t fit together.
Also Why her ult is literally the same at rank 2 as at rank 3… was that just a typo? I do like that double item passive effect tho. It’s an interesting idea.


For some reason I find this name hilarious

Will Lexi take turret Aggro if her shadow is attacking an enemy hero but she’s not?

All thing considered, there’s some pretty good ideas there. Too many for me to go into tbh. I just wanted to clarify those things above, and otherwise it’s just balance issues.