The Secret Beauty of MM After 12AM

I’ve been studying this for a few weeks, and I have come to a definitive conclusion that for some reason the MM seems more accurate when less players are on. Maybe this is just some kinda correlation and not causation, but this has been a consistent trend for me in NA: after 12 midnight, matches are supremely more balanced and challenging across the board, and I actually get matched up with players relative to my skill rather than my VST.

I get consistently matched with higher tiers than mine and it’s just so satisfying. Still really can’t tell if it’s jist more good players playing then but it strikes me as odd. Got a few theories actually but who knows.


Can’t tell for sure but if anything the match maker is worse then. To me it sounds like there’s less players, yet the higher you’re ranked the higher the chance you’re a competitive try hard player so you play more/later. So if there’s a lack of players you get matched with whoever is on.

Lol true. But that’s the thing: whoever’s on all seem to be tryhards and it’s amazingly satisfying in rank. People actually don’t quit at dragon release! Omg. And people actually fking communicate consistently. It’s weird.


Yeah that’s what I meant. Experience might better for you but match maker is still worse overall.

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This i think also works before about 8 am Est. Thats a pretty good time to play too

Yep definitely right. Always good players until about 10-11, then it starts trickling lol. It would actually probably be good for the community to get together around community times of play to increase the chances of better matchmaking.

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Meanwhile there is me playing at 3am.

fr though if I get on around 9-11pm est I will get solid VG bronze (my rank) games reliably. In general I get pretty good games (players within 200 elo of me) reliably regardless of time though. I did have one tier 7 at 3 am last night though, that was interesting lol

True, I am usually frustrated with my team around 6-9pm when I play but I have never to my memory had a bad team when I stayed up late to play.