The Rise in high resolution (UPDATE 1)

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This is just a sneak peak of the project I have been working on: 4K(ish) images of the new map!
The final images will be 3408x1917.
They had to be trimmed down from full 4K because of the UI (hopefully, SEMC adds an option to hide all UI in Replay mode in the future)
Nonetheless, they still have pixels aplenty!

The images are not edited in any way, other than cropping out the UI.

Here they are!

I’ll upload my favorites directly to the forums, but everything else will be in the folder :slight_smile:

go to the link for full 3408x1917 resolution

my favorites





SEMC just needs to make the ground of the Rise as HD as Fold’s rather than blurry-ish.


I agree. It does look noticeably blurry even in-game.
But the textures would also have to be many times their current size so it would use up a lot of ram.
Maybe in a couple years when even the oldest phones have 4GB+ of ram, they will be able to use the higher resolution.


thx you very beautiful maybe i’m need change smartphone lol