The Return of URF!

URF is back (for a limited time)!

Riot’s thoughts on URF:

Jhin and Yummi = One shotting need for speedracer champion. :haha:

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You should try it with ur fam for some laughs :spring_ok_3:

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FINALLY played my first game of URF – what a load of fun! We were pretty much losing the whole game (and I wasn’t really helping … I was up against a Blitzcrank who was a total PITA to deal with), but finally we managed to get strong enough to resist the enemy’s onslaught … and then they made a big mistake: we won a huge teamfight at our mid inhib turret, killing 4 of them. During the teamfight, one of our guys shot himself into the enemy base and tanked the two nexus turrets, then killed the nexus right as the enemy started to respawn! :laughing:

I had a great time, and the unexpected win was a bonus!