The Return of Nexus Blitz

The mode will take place in an Ionian forest – concept art below:

That first photo is really pretty. Color palate isn’t my cup of tea but the way it was used is nice.

It’s Ionia!!! :heart_eyes:

(I am very partial to that region as well as to the Vastaya that call it home …)


And another pretty picture to add to my collection. :flicker:

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Just fyi, the artist for the very first image above (the one you particularly liked) is Grace Liu, who formerly worked at Riot and is now with Airship Syndicate – here’s her ArtStation profile:

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This game mode is INSANE … and fun as crap! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yasuo got an S+

First PvP match with Ahri’s :spirit_blossom: skin – it’s simply stunning, and I can’t get over how fabulous her transformations to & from fox form are! I bought the chroma set as well :money_with_wings: and they’re all beautiful – the chroma I used in this match brought me good fortune, it seems!

I’ve started to see a few Ahri bans (as in this match), which is interfering with my progress in getting her to mastery level 3, so I was forced to play Xayah this time :gwenrainbowbarf:



Never had this happen before … look at the score :flushed:

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