The REAL future of mobile gaming?


Daaaaaaang … this is pretty huge … My body PS4 is ready


this is nice not having to use virtual joystick now for such games, I feel sad tho my psvita not having much reason to play it now apart from a very few games that still remain exclusive to it


I still think intuitive touch control is the future of Mobile gaming, and it’s going to be buy-once-and-play games.
If bigger titles like Diablo or Mass Effect develop good touch controls? I’ll buy it instantly.


The evidence seems to suggest that game designers feel exactly the opposite, I’m afraid.


So does that mean I need to wait vainglory console release to play vainglory on my iPad with a controller , or we can play vainglory with controller in the ios13 , Iam confused because I want to play with a controller .


Developers will have to add PS4 and/or XBox controller support to their iOS (or iPadOS) apps. VG doesn’t even have MFi controller support at the moment, and that’s been an iOS feature for years.


Surprised no one made a WWDC event thread because, oh gee, iPadOS and iOS 13 got me really hyped as hell. It’s about time their software caught up with their hardware.


Still no multitasking (split screen, popup, etc.) in IOS13 while their phones are quite big nowdays, so… :slight_smile:


iPad got some impressive multitasking changes – so much so that it gets a new branch of iOS called “iPadOS” – but iPhone is still limited to fast app switching and OS-controlled background processes.


I know, that’s why I said ios specifically as after all their phones are quite big nowdays and atleast some form of split screen would be great. Their ipads even now got a basic two apps use at the same time, this new ipados will improve over that and many other aspects. Was about time for apple to acknowledge the need for a different OS for the tablets.


I’m pretty excited about iPadOS finally supporting USB storage devices (and the improvements in file management overall) as well as Bluetooth and USB mice! :partying_face:


I have one iphone 6s laying around next to my note 9, perfect to check the new ios changes as well (as the usb/file management should be there too). If it’s how it’s expected to be, my next phone could be an iphone. We will see if this year or the next tho, already a lot of leaks for 2020 model that are quite big, i.e. this year will be evolution, the next year a total redesign.

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