The problem with blueprints

The problem is - there aren’t any. I was supportive of the new system. But it dpeneds on SOME reasonable chance of acquiring blueprints, which there isn’t. The number I have gotten since the new system: zero. I HAVE received a couple promises of blueprints, in special event boxes and such - but since they are random, then for a player who’s been around a while they are almost by definition duplicates, in other words not a blueprint.

I think the skin system is ok (not great but ok) but if they are going to be so miserly with the blueprints, then end result is the same problem as before - a game where there is no progression, so sense of grinding to get something (which is why the original 3-tier skin system was actually the best they ever have done).


I agree so much. Why even make hype for skins for which you have a smaller chance than 1/100 to get the blueprint for?


When I’ve been active I’ve gotten blueprints. It feels like the drop rate has slowed down since release of the system. The single biggest change they could make that would improve the system is to eliminate the duplicate blueprints entirely. I am doubtful this affects the purchase rate of skins much.


It wouldn’t affect the purchase rate at all, because then you are stuck without a way to get Essence instead. kek


I got approx. 2-4 blueprints per week. Unfortunately they are useless for me because I own 133 skins of 134. Now I have a lot of useless essence. I wish I could spend it on talents or convert it to glory.

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They tricked us all… gave us massive amount of essense, but since we are old player the chance for a blueprint of unowned skin is super non existant. We just stack more essence and that’s all… God knows how many years you need to play just for one skin. The system is okish just for a new players and still… it will be random towards what you can unlock.


1/133 I think and it will get even lower. If you are one of the really supportive players that gave a lot of money, played a lot of time and have most unlocked - gl getting whatever blueprint, not to mention to be for a skin that you want. From the start of the system I got NONE and I play few hours per day. Np I got 65000 essence and that’s the important thing… right? :slight_smile:

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This is also true, the essence drop from daily chests is removed and you actually get some from dubs nowdays. Even from mystery chest the amount is imho a lot lower.

Edit: sorry for the tripple post, still used to forums that auto merge posts.

No, you don’t understand: While old players get only duplicates and stack up Essence, new players only stack up previously unowned Blueprints.
When do you start drawing duplicates as a new player? After 30 Blueprints, maybe? And even then, that’s going to be one idiotic long grind until you get anywhere from there.

In the end, they will be in the same situation as we are now, except that they have a Blueprint for each skin we have already unlocked, and need to craft it with 300 Essence per duplicate drop.


LOL you are right hahah nice system… absurd luck or years of play for a few RANDOM skins.


Yup. And bonus points for whoever thought this up, because the more skins are added, the longer it takes for new players to reach the point where they start getting Essence via duplicates.
The system is designed to screw new players over progressively.


I believe… at last count… this would be at least . . . . the ???th time a topic has been created to complain about the new blueprints system…

and that’s only on this forum…

I’ve said this before… this is a direct result of the community complaining that the old system was bad…
why… O why…
Everytime Somebody complains… I stay quiet… because any sort of comment just adds fuel to the fire…
Now everyone wants the old system back… If only … if only…
I’m just so distraught over this whole Saga…

This is how it should have been since the game was released IMO. I doubt it would feel bad at all if it came out back then. Shame that now gaining skins feels so relatively slow, I’m currently sitting at a 10k essence build-up, but I’ve got nothing to spend it on.

Like I’ve said before I don’t mind if SEMC wants to make skins exclusively purchasable through Ice but the fake grind for it pisses me off. And the one time you do get that useless essence it feels more like it’s just taking away glory or talents(if you into that) because it is never enough to help build essence for a skin and it’s not like you get blueprints to spend essence on. Just get rid of essence, blue prints, and opals and allow skins to be exclusively gained through ICE or key-chest. That’s the better system tbh.


Honestly i feel sking should never have been a crafting thing but a you buy with ice or get from chests. This business model of buying hereos and than blueprints and talents makes it a poor model to attract MOBA players. Sure you get people new to the genre but the it degrades rank as new players will buy into rank.

Just pulled two Blueprints. Rare saw and red lantern flicker which is literally EPIC!

yes we will complain bc it is bad. they tried to solve it but they made it worse, is complaining really bad if the former system is better than the current one?


That’s how they keep you roped in! Just when you’re about to turn away they throw you a crumb. Resist! :fist:

Ehmm so far I have pulled 3 epics and 10ish rares… Epic was one duplicate.

So I got 2 new skins through the new system that I wanted since 2.12:

Evolution Samuel
Red Lantern Flicker

The only thing I like about the new system is the cheaper skin prices. As it is nearly impossible to grind for a specific skin I have no chance but to buy them by ice. So the reduced prices are good for me and I will just dont give a … about blueprints and essence.

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