The power of infusions in numbers

I am gonna break down the stats that infusions provide and how much these stats are worth in terms of gold at level 6,9 and 12. I am gonna use the items that are in game to evaluate how much the stats are worth.

Level 6:

Wp infusion: 40 wp, 20% attack speed and 7.5 shield and armor. 40 wp is 27% the wp of a sorrowblade so its worth 837 gold, 20% attack speed is how much a blazing salvo gives so 700 gold and 7.5 shield and armor is worth 125 gold (compared to tier 1 defensive items). So in total a level 6 wp infusion is worth 1662 gold.

Cp infusion: 40 cp, 15% cd reduction and 7.5 shield and armor. 40 cp is 27% the cp of a shatterglass so its worth 810 gold, 15% cd reduction is how much 1 and a half hour glass gives so its 375 gold and the 7.5 shield and armor are worth 125 gold. In total, a level 6 cp infusion is worth 1310 gold.

Level 9:

Wp infusion: 60 wp, 30% attack speed and 11.25 shield and amor. 60 wp is 40% of a sorrowblade so 1240 gold, 30% attack speed is 1 and a half balzing salvo 1050 gold 11.25 armor and shield are worth 187 gold. A level 9 wp infusion is then worth 2477 gold.

Cp infusion: 60 cp, 22.5% cd reduction and 11.25 shield and armor. 60 cp is 40% of a shatterglass so 1200 gold, 22.5% cd reduction is 1 cornograph and a quarter of a hourglass so 862 gold and 11.25 armor and shield are worth 187 gold. A level 9 cp infusion is then worth 2249 gold.

Level 12:

Wp infusion: 80 wp, 40% attack and 15 armor and shield. 80 wp is 53% of a sorrowblade so 1643 gold, 40% attack speed is 2 blazing salvo so 1400 gold and 15 armor and shield are worth 250 gold. A level 12 wp infusion is worth 3293 gold in total.

Cp infusion: 80 cp, 30% cd reduction and 15 armor and shield. 80 cp is 53% of a shatterglass so 1590 gold, 30% cd reduction is 1 and a half cornograph so 1200 gold and 15 armor and shield are worth 250 gold. A level 12 cp infusion is worth 3040 gold.

So there you go that’s why infusions are game changing, they’re so cheap (500 gold) but yet the stats they provide are worth so much gold even a level 6 infusion is a 3 to 1 investement. Unless you have the gold or you’re very close to getting a tier 3 item you should always be carrying infusions from level 8 and onwards, they provide you such a huge avdantage against a none infused oppenent they can really help you win mid game fights and build a lead.


I don’t really have anything to add to this. Just wanted to say you are amazing :wink:


This is great information, thank you so much.

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Very awesome! Thanks for the info.

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Nice info for beginners :ok_hand: (30 characters)

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These maffs are very useful. I’ve always thought to myself that I should only buy infusions at lvl12 or after getting full build so I’d get the highest stat boosts out of them, but I didn’t realize they could be bought pre-12 for a little boost when you’re falling behind on gold and items

I had a glitched match the other day.
Was only able to get 4 items total.
So I had to infuse from the get go.
I infused for half the game, seeing your numbers written like that I have to agree from my own game experience.

The bonus core damage alone is worth the infusion.

There is one interesting question I will pose:

How much damage do you need to do to justify that infusion. How much connection time is worth that gold? The value comes from full slots and no way to up your damage mostly I presume.

For a crystal bit at 15cp for 300 gold and an entire match length grants you more total damage per minute/gold. Because that damage affects all of your hits for the entire match.

How much damage do you need to do to justify your infuse?

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I pick up infusion whenever i am looking for a fight or when i hit certain items power spikes like aftershock on koshka and alpha or shiv bp on vox or tension bow + second item on gwen so i can make the best use of these power spikes. What’s even more op about infusions right now is that you can’t even see them on the scoreboard so your enemies cannot play passive and avoid fighting because they saw you were infused

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Nice reply but not an answer to the posed question.

Though it was a very useful reply :wink: