The outcome of 5v5 map changes. [Discussion]

In 3.7 there were many adjustments to the map, many focused around the jungle, and hero progression. ‘Getting ambient’ on jungle monster especially is far less rewarding, and structures will hit harder. My question to you is:

How do you think the adjustments will effect the meta, and what changes have you notices so far in how 5v5 matches play out.

all 3.7 balance changes can be found here

So far it doesn’t look any different than before so its pretty much still a race to the jungle with no laning phase

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Limits jungle picks and forces bot laners to help any off-meta ability focused jungler. If you pushed your lane all the way in and you have a fat stack going ham on the enemy turret and all your jungle is spawning and your jungler is coming… you just help your jungler clear. Until sharing XP and ambient is removed, nothing will really change besides the timing of it all. It’s not really a lane phasing game if every time you need help to push in lane you need someone else there with you…

Also now it’s hard to play CP Kestrel top and cheese enemy red jungle because they are invading you. The turret buffs barely helped as well. They should just make it so the more people there are in turret range, the more the turret’s defenses drop. I don’t see why I can’t roam around helping other lanes just because the enemy minions will eventually push in. Lowering the defenses for turrets exponentially and giving them a high cap will also cause junglers to make smart rotations instead of staying in one lane.

I wouldn’t expect how people play the map to change much for a while, until players find the new optimal way to play.

One thing that is a fact that I like about the changes is that the duo bottom meta, for as long as it exists is far far less effective. The bot laner ends up with a much less gold/experience advantage as before. So for me even if the meta doesn’t shift drastically we still have a far healthier game than 3.6. Additional we know SEMC is planning to continue the changes with the upcoming updates so it’s good to know this is just the start.

The thing is, ambiant jungle progression for gold and XP was cut so drastically it almost doesn’t feel worth it for a bot lane to rotate with the jungler every time. You almost lose more gold and experience than what you would get from lane minions.

I don’t think the changes broke the duo bot meta, but they do make it far less effective (that’s not my opinions, mathematically you earn less now doing it) which opens up the meta a lot more. And makes the top lane way less behind. I personally don’t know weather these massive changes are enough to completely change the meta, but it could easily be enough to allow junglers like Alpha, Koshka, and Krul to come back. I’ve had success with Alpha in the couple games I’ve played, completely disregarding 3.6 style of play, and roaming around clearing backs and ganking. It could be that once players adjust (my bot lane was pinging the entire time) that we will see a lot less duo bot as players realize how much less effective it is, could be wrong though, time, and the August vpl will tell.

i still think the turret should hit harder. much MUCH harder. the changes just made it easier to turret invade. like ridiculously easy, because you can predict with absolute certainty who the turret is going to attack and that makes it so easy to time when to back off and when to keep attacking.

the armor pierce should be 100% and the damage should be doubled.

I don’t think you get the point about what I’m saying about ambient gold. If you decrease it will only make it more strategic to get it, until it becomes worthless. At the moment it’s free gold, unlike laning where you may average in 3/4 minions per wave because the enemy top laner keeps harassing you. A simple push for your minions to go in tower will allow you to do rotations with your jungler. The meta hasn’t settled in yet but considering last meta junglers might just opt to give the gold treant and wp treant to the laner and take healer for themselves so they can tank the jungle.

The changes I think atm seem to be making the duo bot a “basic” strategy. Once you become better at rotating as a jungler you will do far better than any other jungler who still does duo bot. Top lane being behind will still happen because they have to still secure CS. The only way for top laners to actually come back is if the jungler doesn’t camp. Krul has been seeing some high tier plays last update, as well as mid and top Koshka. Alpha saw some plays in the beginning of the patch but it died down quite fast probably because she is not that fun to play. Alpha is the top counter against Anka imo, and SHE WAS RAMPANT THAT PATCH. The only reason Alpha was never chosen against her is probably because she is suffering from bugs (getting footage is kinda hard and I’m pretty sure it has more to do with your connection rather than the game itself).

I’m pretty sure all the changes made were unneeded. Turrets just need some massive buffs. Make it so turrets have that early game shield, THE ENTIRE GAME. And the shields disappear when there are 3+ enemies in turret range. Also when Blackclaw is spawned then the shield goes away (allows splitpushing). I’m gonna be honest, it’s pretty annoying when you have low health and all you can do is watch your turret go down in a 2v1. Like 3v1 I understand, because it requires commitment, but the other one doesn’t.