The other side

So I played a few games of 5v5, but I always ended up in the left-bottom side. Is it just me, or does everyone experienced the same?

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Same for everyone! That’s by design. If you spin the map 180° it’ll be the same layout for you and your enemies. The only difference will be where Blackclaw and Ghostwing are.

So, for playability’s sake, everyone starts bottom left.


I honestly don’t like the 180°. It may just be me, but it really does not feel natural or right.


Yep. They make it that way because its a little easier for a lot of mobile players. Especially since it being that way is more appealing to the Mobile Legends players who are migrating to VG. I like it personally! :slight_smile:

This has potential to be a quality shitpost.

I love that they added that. I hate playing league and being on the red side of the map, it just makes it harder for me to play (especially bot lane)

I like it but some of the faux 3D textures and baked-in lighting doesn’t work when the map is viewed from a different angle :frowning:

The main reason for this is that there is a slight win rate bias towards the left side in most MOBA’s because most people are just slightly better playing from that side (due to handedness etc).

This holds true for VG I asked some of the amazing api guys around to look into it and while it varied from patch to patch A side in general won about 54% of the time.

So having everyone perceptually playing from the left side evens out this bias making the game more fair.


I was going to post something similar to this asking about any bias win rates to A or B side…
Thanks for the statistics~!
I personally felt that I won more on A side (left)… despite my very limited amount of played games, I am feeling the bias…only slighty at 54% :sunglasses:

Ohhhh, thats why. I didnt notice that.