The Origins Idris Event was great

There were a lot of issues regarding the event. There were several threads detailing those issues, one of which was mine. Note this is not about any of these issues but about the opportunity.

The thread itself:
We had an event, an actual event where we could obtain premium items.

We had the chance to convert glory into Ice.

We could get an SE skin through Glory.

You at the very very least were able to buy a blueprint chest with Glory, that is premium content for freemium currency.

If you had wins you’d get bonus Ice on top of the blueprint.

I sincerely hope we will get more events like this.

I had only 3 wins and got ~100 Ice and a BP chest containing an epic BP for 10k Glory, a trade well worth it.


I would like them to include 3v3 in events too, it’s right now the only mode with no event at all, which for players that as me play mostly 3v3 (I hate 5v5) is like SEMC doesn’t care about us.


If they do some restrictions on partying and such for this event then me too, duo queue and trio queue wins shouldn’t count so its either 5 man v. 5 man or SoloQ v. SoloQ. It’ll make the event a bit more fair. This concept shouldn’t be applied to 3v3 though if we have any future events about it. Reward wise it was nice but rule wise, it was kinda whack.

True 3v3 has a better matchmaking and doesn’t make my phone lag. I hope we get a 3v3 event soon

By the way, i got 2 wins and had a blueprint chest with a red rona blueprint


Not to bump a 7 day old thread, but you have to admit they listened, albeit a bit sooner than most expected

'fairly sure this had been in the makes prior to any feedback from the 5vs5 version, and I would have preferred to try this in 3vs3-mode, too… oh well.

Yes!!, I’m happy :slight_smile:

The new event lasts a lot longer. Unfortunately allies are still idiots lol

Just hard carry them lol, it’s not that difficult. Also finding two other players to team up with is easier than finding 4.