The new turrets?

I haven’t seen anyone bring up anything about the turrets but hasn’t anyone seen how hard they are hitting lately? tIt really has killed any diving potential IMO, while I haven’t played a normal match since the end of the season I can say diving right now in blitz and BR is handing over free kills. I think the turrets damage also scales way too fast and there doesn’t seem to be the damage reset either it just hits hard and keeps hitting hard until your dead. Also, did they change the location priorities for it too? Because it seems to now change targets constantly during a dive even though the team hasn’t stepped out of the turrets range.

IMO The old turrets were better at most all they needed was a small damage increase if anything…

they do hit hard. but they also have a predictable pattern.

it just means it’s no longer viable to solo dive, unless you’re very, very sure it’ll be a 1 shot kill and you can get the hell outta there, quick fast.

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I agree with you.

The turrets are quite easily underestimated right now.

If one has read the 3.7 Balance Changes, they would have noticed this since it was the highlight of the patch.

I find that deterent for diving under the turret much more likeable.

For one, it makes staying under your turret actually safe. Before this, the enemy can just dive and be sure to get away.

Another is that it destroys Phinn’s with his Legendary Talent in Blitz. He used to just face tank the thing, but now gets deleted rather quickly.

Aside from these, it makes turrets damage across enemies more consistent. I always hated how the damage gets reset everytime the target changes.

Side note:

Juggling turret agro is easier right now in my opinion.

Just make the support or whoever has the most health attack the enemy first, taking the turret agro.
The other team members rush said enemy in the meantime as the turret will target the first member first, so lomg as they are attacking as well or remain within turret range I think.
As long as everyone’s attacking together in a dive, they should get something out of it and survive.

I find that Malene is suitable for tanking till the last second thanks to her “Nope, I’m out of here” shadow form B.

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I like the turret changes. Turrets always seemed like a joke to me, it was a long overdue change.


actually, the old system was like this. it used to change target to you, even when you din’t attack anything yet and you would need to get out of range for it to reset.

the NEW system:
it attacks if you’re solo diving and if you’re the first to attack an enemy. So if you’re second in, you can stay in for as long as you want, even when your team mate leaves. just don’t attack a hero and don’t be solo with no minions to tank the hits.

The window of opportunity is much wider because of these changes ( for divers ) . it’s only really punishing early game when there’s not much armor. Late game a team will still delete a turret fairly quickly.

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Honestly it’s still easy to dive to me. It just hit slightly harder mid game but that’s it. Early and late feel the same to me.