The new Inventory system is a wonder

Very easy to navigate, a much better approach to your loot. The blueprint tab is such a smart idea. I’m already hyped for this new season because of this.

All these great changes, I think I’m returning to Vainglory this season.


You’re NA, right? Update is out for us then or are these from someone else?

This is my personal screenshot. It’s out!

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The UI is a real improvement! It took me a minute to figure out where my free rewards chest were but long term, it’s great to have a central place for everything I have. The backpack symbol looks great. Active image of Kinetic is excellent. All the art for purchasable deals seems improved, but maybe that’s just personal tastes. Tagging @Nivmett in the hope he lets Doer (UI guru?) know.

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I think doer works in the 3d modeling dept. Kraken’s the dev you’re thinking of. :vgcheersx2:


I always get those two confused. Thanks.

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Hopefully now that there’s an inventory UI we can control when we decide to use our Double Glory passes. :+1:


The Blueprints section is untappable for me, like I don’t have any blueprints, but I have several, and it shows them on both skins pages. Does anyone know anything about this?

It was working fine earlier.

Yeah it does this from time to time again for me but I think you just have to let it load (it may take a couple of minutes)

Yep, same issue here as well. I don’t have any further information, but with it seemingly being so wide-spread, we can probably expect a fix soonish.

That aside, yeah, I rather like the changes to the UI as well. Wasn’t a huge fan before, but these are small steps in the right direction.
So credit where credit is due - some folks at SEMC seem to be working hard to rectify past mistakes.

And have you guys noticed how the sidebar is now black and more simplistic? Love it! (I still dislike that glow, but the UI is getting better and better with each update.) It went a long way from that ugly, blue with Lyra splashart and a golden play button, to this. :open_hands::clap::clap::clap::clap::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: