The new event Origins Idris

So we have a new event and I was pretty excited.

Note I was excited…

The event is very short only 3 days. The entry cost is steep.

It only works for 5v5 and the que times are still bad.
Juat had my first match and it was an autoloss because our Ardan selected support and went full WP. GG right there.

I can’t put in 12 games in a weekend let alone 12 wins with toxic people like that. Selecting captain and going full damage in ranked makes me wish I had control.

Player account permanently deleted for trolling. Or like gameloft used to do. A 3 year ban for bad language…

This game just now took away all my joy to play. Noobs like that don’t even want to trade a hero they can’t play…

Not to mention the farm stealing and leaving you to die 1v2…
Note this is ranked play poa…

Events like these only bring stress and toxicity. There is no way to perform well in events like this unless you have a full party with voicechat which is basically cheating and that stuff is allowed somehow.

I love the game mechanics but I hate 90% of the players.

When I lose in starcraft it is on me and I am fine with that. In vainglory it is on my teammates 80% of the time…

We need a purge getting rid of all the idiots. Que times can’t get any worse so we won’t miss those toxic noobs…


Not to mention the fact that if your ally afks and you lose it still counts as a loss. What the hell? They should’ve made it so if the afking person was in your party it counts as a loss (just like in ranked). It’s not like we can convince our soloQ teammate to AFK so we don’t get a loss…

Gimmicky event which could’ve been great. :confused:


I’d personally try it in casual. Unless you have a party it’s Russian roulette. With that said the event idea seems great though. Also it let’s you finish your current run no matter if the event ended so don’t worry about time.


The key to win this event: play casual and pick Grace bot (im not kidding)


I’m fairly sure the grace period is just another day or two after the event ended. There’s a warning about it, even, unless I misread.
That makes sense, too, as each event they keep marked as active clutters up the UI for all players.

this event is not worthy and just wasting your time, and resources too… origin idris skin should be a common rare skin, not a special edition one…


I ended at 4-3 and 2 of my losses were complete BS.
First loss was because I ran into a trio queue and they were all VG Silvers (two of which were boosted, the other one was utterly destroying us) I can tell from the 1v1 scenario but my team fed so hard that the point where I actually reached my spike 5-6 min in (as Idris) it was GG because Sam was able to 4 shot me and I couldn’t outdamage him fast enough. It was so annoying to deal with.
Second loss was alright I had FlashX and God0fSins on my team but still lost because it was such a sweaty messed and may or may not have been hooked by phinn and died by the enemy and I may have been one of the more fed members on the team… it was okay fair enough.
Third loss was just stupid. I saw this trio queue on my friends list and it was a (mid, bot, and captain). I knew that the mid and captain were good players and I was superior compared to the bot laner, would have been easily able to 1v1 top against him if it wasn’t for the Kestrel always pushing in (Kestrel was being played by the captain). But I was with a team of SoloQ so how how come they get to be in our match. It isn’t like they were waiting for a long time because I saw them get off their previous match which meant I was waiting longer than them. I was also lagging so hard because I didn’t reset the app, I could have easily 4v1 them when they were all at low health and taking ghostwing. The best part was my Celeste and Samuel were terrible. Samuel went 0/2 first thing in the match and Celeste proceeded to die afterwards. Enemy Varya was fed af. Vox was just generally doing well as he was camped by the Kestrel. Ardan was their low tier on their side and we had our low tier (Phinn). They had Lyra too so that was FUN because it doesn’t matter how bad of a Lyra you are when you can just hit B to protect your teammates.
This event made me realize we need some markers to tell us when people are in parties…
But since i got 4 wins I got 80 ICE and a BP chest. The 80 ICE was the exact amount I needed so I got 1250 ICE and bought BattlePass. That is where the real fun started and I have more than enough to buy Love Bites BF and got Vox on Ice BP, also have like 6000+ essence, only level 32 or something so #notsaltyatallforlosing.

I played my first 5v5 rank match 3 days ago for the blueprint event and saw a BF repeatedly turret diving and pinging Ringo.
Don’t know what happened but it was all fine and dandy during draft with each choosing top and bottom lane as well.
That was fun
Although that match made me realize how short these surrender times have become.

You can get free ICE not just Idris skin

Just joined the event to complain about how much BS it is.

It’s still BS, but now it’s not fun to do so :s

They really should have added a free entry even though the reward is 1000 ICE at the end with the skin. They also should have made it so only SoloQ victories count or 5man victories (no in between). This would have encouraged people who don’t want to gamble in SoloQ to 5-man. And SoloQ would be less toxic (duos are the worst).

But damn you got lucky with the skin.

This event is worth it because if you don’t want the skin then you can get 1000 ICE if you’re good enough. It isn’t a waste of time because you’re gonna play the game for 5+ hours at some point within the 3 days (maybe). It isn’t a waste of resources because this is literally the original concept of Idris so they didn’t have to make anything besides the coding for the event (which they have to do every time we have an event). So I have to disagree, although I would do this event even if the reward at the end was 1k ICE, because I like Idris and have glory piled up.

basically, this event just for veteran players :slight_smile:

new players will prefer to spend 10k glory for unlocking new heroes instead of low chance of getting “rare” idris skin

Way too short of an event tbh. This should have lasted longer/become some kind of permanent feature


While it is pretty cool if it’s for longer it would be abused by pros. At 12 W you get 1000 ice.

Why suddenly Salt Mine? 's just people sharing their experiences with the event.

To be honest the skin is just a recoloring of his default skin. Not worth your 10k at all.

900 ice is worth more than 10k glory

I’m saying that the skin itself worths zero buck 'cause it’s just a recoloring of a skin. A default skin.

eh, imo the skin can still be worth it because what else can you spend glory on? charms, heroes, and talents. not everyone wants charms and talents, and lots of ppl have already completed their hero collection, so an SE (even if its not that good) skin would still be something you’d want since hey, what else do you get with a pile of glory sitting there?