The most op team of 2018 vgl

just look at this video and you will understand

Tribe roster

If you have already seen the video and not understood yet, then let me break it down for you. They have all the c9 players who are unified champions and tribe players who are currently world champions. Now, do you think anyone can defeat this team?

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It’s an All-Star team. Zio is arguably the worlds best laner. Putting him Bot against most teams 3rd best player is going to be a mismatch. It also allows him to run ADCs which seems to match him. Gabvizzle is the ideal Top laner with his roam background. He will be able to run some semi-carry heroes. Oldskool using mages Mid is ideal. Max and I❤️Joe are also probably in the top 2 in NA if not the world for their positions.

Its going to be a great team. They certainly have the mechanics. Their movements and rotations and synergy aren’t there yet and at the moment I would still say TSM is the top NA team - with Tribe somewhere in the pack of 3 teams (Nova, Misfits and Tribe) slightly behind them.

What will be very interesting and I suspect will make or break them is whether Gabe or Dnzio does the majority of the shot calling.


I’m also curious to see whether they have Gabe flex around a lot in positions - I know I’ve seen him as a pretty strong player in other roles before, especially jungle.

Do you think a specific one of them should do the majority of shotcalling? I honestly haven’t been keeping up with much of anything on VG (even here ;-; ) as much as I used to, so I don’t really know. I’ve seen a few videos from DNZio on youtube and they seem reasonably logical, but you probably know way more than that XD

I know DNZio was inconsistent before, probably due to a confluence of occasional tilt and youtful mental immaturity, my impression is that Gabe is a bit calmer and definitely older, so off of personality I would assume its the later. Idk though shrugs

Overall shotcalling - yes one person should orchestrate that I think. Play by play shot calling (ie who we are going to target now, or should we take this engage or not) I think can be done by many people but the overall plan needs a single planner I think.


I would’ve thought Maxgreen would call the shots ? Being the Roam ?

This was traditionally the case in 3v3 because the roamer had most of the initiation (and other) tools, and they also had to be the most on top of map awareness.

Iirc the C9 Roster is DNZio, Gabevizzle, IloveJoseph, OldSkool, and MaxGreen. ttigers is a sub - a role I would have been much more used to seeing him in after Liberation X disbanded than in the recent past. For reasons I am about to clobber everyone with, I feel that Gabe will actually be the shotcaller.

edit, my reasoning is moot, they just announced their lineup on twitter.

I can’t say much about player qualities atm having not watched any of them extensively, but I can say a few things. AFAIK iLoveJoseph and OldSkool have always been damage main, and while they have had very good games they don’t seem to have the “x” factor that DNZio does. Likewise, MaxGreen has come a very, very long way since his start in VGL as an “unspectacular” roamer. However, he also lacks experience in the competitive scene at least from the highest levels, compared to Gabe and Zio. This is not to say any of these 3 are ruled out, I’m just pointing out reasons that I think the shot calling role is less likely to go to one of them. I really wouldn’t mind if Max ended up being the shotcaller and its possible - all of them are new to 5v5 - but I feel its unlikely due to relatively little competitive experience.

Gabevizzle has been around a really long time. I know he is a competent jungler in 3v3 though I don’t know how he will do in 5v5. I certainly don’t know if he is “world class” as a carry player in any role. I feel its most likely he transitions to jungle (damage trading is far less important here). That was his role on the one team I can remember that did not run him as a captain. Additionally, I primarily remember iLoveJoseph for playing melee heroes successfully in 3v3 (kind of like Mango?). While this means that he technically transitions to jungle easier than Gabe, iLoveJoseph can transition into focusing on top laners such as Blackfeather (which he already has played), Lane Taka, and so on. Whatever he wants. Meanwhile, GabeVizzle hasn’t laned competitively afaik and so he would fit in much better on the team as a roaming player who can help shotcall. I.e. the jungler. Due to roaming experience Gabe can probably flex into defensive junglers more naturally than the offensively minded carry mains. He has also played some very interesting roamers before like Koshka and Taka that are much more viable in 5v5 in specific scenarios while translating into the jungle role reasonably well.

It is also worth noting that Gabe generally seems more unflappable and stable. DNZio used to have some issues with instability before.

From what I remember of the videos I’ve watched, DNZio is likely the shot caller for his 3v3 team (I think he normally shotcalls on voice chat on his youtube vids). ttigers is not necessarily wrong, but DNZio is a much more garrulous personality with none of the shyness that ttigers exhibits. Obviously, Max is newer and doesn’t seem like the talkative type either from a distance. So DNZio won’t have 0 experience in this role. However, map awareness at a high level is harder in 5v5 and much more critical. DNZio’s primary strength is still clearly as a carry in knowing how and when to engage or maximize damage. Especially snowballing. I feel its more likely that he is potentially the initiator/main carry in damage fights from the bot lane, playing more to his observable strengths. This is not to say that he cannot shot call, it just feels to me that he will be best suited to focusing on snowballing the bot lane and gaining lane pressure the others can work off of.

So at the end of all this, I see:

iLoveJoseph as top laner
OldSkool as midlane (mages, Vox, anyone?)
DNZio as Bot lane, possibly the main initiator/carry in team fights.
Max is obviously roaming.
GabeVizzle works as a pseudo roamer with damage potential, and the strategic shot caller. (Remember, his role will involve a lot of roaming already.)

In this reddit post, some of Tribe indicate that DNZio is probably the main shot caller. They would know better than we would, though it would probably be a disadvantage for them to reveal who is the shotcaller in competition (so they don’t hard confirm anything).

Of course, I’m hoping to see team @idmonfish face off vs them. SEA is not particularly renowned for their mechanics compared to EA and even NA AFAIK so I’d really want to see how their macro game plays out (and how much their mechanics improve). Or maybe I just want to see Idmonfish on stage again :stareyes:


i too would like to see Team Renegades Vs Tribe, as i mentioned in this other post -

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Honestly I want to see it as well.

This weekend will be interesting as we have a show match series against Ace Gaming.

Day and time? This is a must watch!!

SEMC should advertise this match.

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Saturday, 10 March

Match 1 (17:00 SGT) - Renegades (SEA) vs Ace Gaming (EA)
Match 2 (18:00 SGT) - Renegades (SEA) vs Impunity (SEA)

All matches will be Bo2 - Double Ban Draft

Matches will be broadcasted on

Thats in Singapore time - so two days away from now.