The most bull of all bull

So I was playing a ranked match right, and we could of won if my heckin phone wouldn’t CRASH on me. (Can we say heck? Lol). Not only that I got a bunch of hate messages after. It even crashed in the most crucial part. If I could only hook my chains too destroy the enemy and get an INSTA ace but noooooo.
I was tilted HECK :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Ps. That pic was the moment we could of turned the game but MY PHONE CRASHED!!)

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This happened to me before smh

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Did your phone crash due to the screenshot?
That has happened to me before…

Has happened to me at most annoying times too (I remember one specific 3v3 rank as Flicker…)
SEMC really need to work on this, it is meant to be buttery smooth after all…

No. I just took the screenshot so I can show the developers how messed up the crash was lol. In this moment I took my screen shot my game was already frozen. This ain’t the first time neither ;(

Lucky ;(. My game crashed and I I don’t go back I get a “abandoned match” warning which makes me SUPER tilted cause it’s not my fault of the game isn’t even playable :(((

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