The Meme, The Dev, And the Sanctuary

Someone asked me what’s my best brag in vainglory.

I have a great story about possibly the greatest moment i’ve ever witnessed.

It was a couple years ago. My irl friend and I were playing a 3v3 cas. We were really excited when our loading screen showed Playoffbeard on the enemy team, playing the absolute meme of the time, ozo.

We were rolling, mostly because Beard’s team were trolling him. Creating scout nukes in their base, ect. Now remember he was going wp ozo, at a time when ozo was totally trash. Some teamfight happened, and my friend was backing. Beard uses his b to try and my backing ally.

What happens next was glorious.

So ozo’s timing was so perfect, he jumped to the now vanished location of my friend, and his animation stopped for a sec, then he hurtled at lightspeed towards our sanctuary. Yes, Beard teleported to my backing ally in sanctuary! He then tried to kill my ally in sanctuary in vain was his life was getting shredded. My team were absolutely dying. I don’t think the ping limiter was added yet so it was happy face spamming.

Beard proceeded to bait us into his team’s scout nuke. We won the match.

Afterward, I friended PlayoffBeard and invaded the EVIL guild via him to friend everyone lmao.

Yea, it was glorious. That’s possibly my best vg memory ever.