The Lorelai skin wait was worth it

The new Lorelai skin is amazing. The model alone absolutely stunned me when I used it in game for the first time, but even the recall was edited to match the aesthetic! It feels even more legendary than Evolution Sam at the same price. It really feels like one big apology for the long wait! Although this patch was pretty lackluster in terms of changes, SEMC really out did themselves with the skins here. They’re some of the best the game has seen this far


The ability effects are extremely off-putting. Whatever combination of red and black they use doesn’t fit with the green outline and overall aesthetic of the map. Plus, it’s just Lorelai’s base effects with some colors swapped out. Pretty easy to do.

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Actually her abilities look different. Not just a pallete swap. Also, her model is actually different lol


Judging a skin but how well it fits in the map is odd considering skins were what ifs or just whatever the artists wanted to do for the character so never really thinking about how does it fit with the map, like dear diary Lyra or Koshkas club skins.

Lorelai skin is great but I do wish it came out awhile ago as I might have gotten it then

Some people say “pugs are ugly but cute.” That’s exactly how I feel about her skin. Her skills look so goddamn ugly but I LOVE it at the same time.

Honestly I dont think her abilities match the skin.

Her A and B has a type of toxic water look and the skin is like from the deep ocean.

The only part I find fitting is her recall and ult.

But its a lorelai skin so its still better than no skin :cheers_minioncandy_t3:

It only looks different because green and blue are less different than green and red. Trust me, it is a palette swap. Go back in game and look more closely.

It isn’t the concept that I dislike. It’s how the colors present themselves when presented on the map. The red and black pools are unpleasant to look at, to say the least.


Yeah, the team that designed the skins is top, but from there is only downwards direction this patch.