The LEGO Group Are Awesome

The latest insane build from the maniac geniuses at LEGO …


Complete with engine? that’s impressive… and a wing that pops up? WOW.

i really want to see it being built from the frame up… i suspect the suspension is all bugatti, how else would the wheels spin. the drive from the engine to the wheels would be pretty complex as well… I’d say it would be direct drive, with no drive line.

EDIT: i noticed something that looks like a driveline coupling on that engine… so it’s probably using the bugatti driveline and a lego engine?.. that would lose SO much power transfering the energy to the wheels… but hey… it works.

it’s possible they built it without the original chassis frame… but i suspect they build around the original skeleton, for the strength. to be able to handle the driver’s weight.

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Nope, it’s almost entirely LEGO pieces! More details:


Quoted from TechCrunch -

“To be clear, it’s not entirely Lego – there are some components that just can’t be replicated in plastic when dealing with something that all together weighs over 1.5 tons. For example, there’s a steel frame (pictured below), a pair of batteries, some 3d printed gears, and the whole thing sits on top of actual Bugatti wheels.”

well, I was wrong about using the original frame. But it does use a custom built frame, which is close to my suspicions to how they get some structural strength. Still pretty impressive.

I can see a power steering set up and some spindles for the wheels bearings to mount on.

Using that gear system to multiply the horsepower from those tiny lego motors quite an engineering feat. Very impressive indeed.