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The Involuntary Exodus Continues


the only reason why I still play this game is the esport + community… Humanist is one of my fav caster, coz I know vainglory not from my friend, not from ads or sth like that, but I accidentally watched one of 3v3 pro competition matches (I forgot which one it is) and I become excited also curious with this game…
I hope SEMC fix this problem seriously, and I wish this case not affect the upcoming VPL :cry:


@Nivmett What are the guys who run E-sports doing in your company Jon?


VG’s esports scene appears to be devastated … I’d give less than 50% odds that VPL even happens this summer.


really? the last stream I watched live had a whole new fit out at a brand new show room with giant screens, banners, desk, camera’s etc.

it’s been hyped up quite a bit. what makes you think that? 50% odds is really bad.

The only thing i can think of is viewer count is pretty low.


The people I know who are still involved in VG esports appear to be completely in the dark as to what’s happening. That’s not exactly confidence-inspiring.


Lel, people are saying SEMC doesn’t have any money, but they are probably at their homes bathing in money, laughing at the people that bought ice to spend on talent chests. Mobile game devs are rich af, saying they can’t afford something, is actually “They don’t want to spend money on that”


any updated news about Humanist? will he not cast VG anymore? :sob:


Good question. I need to reach out to him to see if he has anything to share regarding his plans …