The ice exchange has begun

And it’s even better not only is one key 150 ICE but one chest is 500 ICE. Personal story btw I had 6 gold chests and decided to buy the 500 ICE deal for gold keys. I got some “ok” things like White Skaarf and Anka skin. But I regretted it. But now I have 1500+ ICE so it’s all good…

I sold 3 chests and 7 keys . Have 3400 ice now xD
Dayumn. I m happy. Ready for the autumn season!

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Lucky you guys I never got any chest. I did get to sell 6 keys so I got a little ice.

900 ice isnt little xP
Atleast for f2p like me. 2k ice from the summer chests and keys is so much for meee

Well I buy stuff when I want it or it’s a good deal, lately the game hasn’t been dishing out things I want. The only skin I want right now is t3 Grace but I can wait on it. SEMC keep releasing heroes who are OP making them perma banned on draft, so I don’t see any reason in buying the new heroes early anymore either. I’m happy you got some ICE as an exclusive f2p player though SEMC been so stingey lately so I know it can be hard to get cool things.

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Sold 5 keys at 750 Ice
1 chest at 500

Boom next battlepass is paid for hahahaha

That skin is so not worth 2000 Ice for a recolour of an owned skin.

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yeahh for bp users, i prefer the orange one to the grey one.

I don’t even know how people got those. I have 0 of either. I mean I saw a key challenge a few times but remembering the checklist I’d rather have no ice than waste time on it.

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i sold one solitary key for 150 ice.



It’s called grinding for a few hours…

I’d rather play for fun than waste hours on this personally. But even then I don’t even know how you got those as I didn’t see events.

The keys and chests valuation is surprisingly generous. Had suspected they’ll sell the summer chests at 100 ICEs tops, the keys for glorys.

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I find the ICE returns to be pretty sweet.

It was certainly worth the investment of time for the Events and the ICE spend for obtaining Silvernail so I could do the Events exclusively tied to him.

The return puts me at 1800+ ICE, more than enough for the next Battle Pass should I chose to buy into it.

Can’t wait to see what’s the next Battle Pass entails as well as the End of Season rewards!


There were two of them. The guild one which was pretty exclusive and the checklist one (the one where you grind a lot or pay money). I don’t know how people have 3 though.

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