The Hilariously Dumbest Win I Have Won

I forgot to screenshot the moment, so I’ll post the post-battle results.

What happened was that it was when my team aced and destroyed all of the enemy’s turrets. As my team and our aced minions was focusing on the vain crystal, the enemy team just spawned in. They deleted us all, got an ace, and started to erase my team’s minions. However, my team and I put the crystal on such low health that the very last minion was able to destroy the crystal just before he died.
tl;dr, my team won only because of a clutch.


This is exactly why that minion nerf is happening :pouting_cat:


Minion mvp kek. Probably got a minion who was in TSM


Whoa, didn’t know that minions were gonna be playable. Maybe we’d finally get a 50v50 gamemode just like Lineage 2 kappa


there was a post like this in the OG forum… i can’t remember the title… Something like,

3 vs 1 minion… or Kraken vs 1 minion… The camera was flipping between both vain crystals to see which would fall first… minion won.

I’ll try to find it…


Rare wins:

  1. minions finish the crystal

  2. enemy decides to be a douchebag and doesn’t break your vain, but you spawn in and surprise destroy that dancing smarty pants. K A R M A

  3. Post-mortem victory. Mines or abilities which activate after you die. Eg, krul’s sword, Lyra’s sigil, baron’s ULT, etc.
    ( does spellfire burn the vain? :thinking: )

It burns turrets so i think so???

lag will be the killer here

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