The Grind of the Century

Oh look, smec failed once again. (Why am I not surprised?)

So smec has decided to create 100 sun lvls, amazing for teens with nothing better to do than grind. One problem - Most people have lives.

I could maybe over look this, as I have LE slaves, but wtf are noobs or just people without LE skins going to do in general? Think about it, starting around lvl40-50 it costs about 10 sun orbs to level up ONCE. with an Le skin, it’s roughly 2-3 blitz wins to fill up one orb.

Let’s do some simple math:

3 blitz wins for 1 orb, 10 orbs for 1 lvl, 10X3 = 30 blitz matches for ONE level. 10 levels, 300 matches all requiring an LE. There’s 100 levels now.

Yea. This is anti casual player to say the least.

I’d bet it gets even more ridiculous the higher you climb. Now, imagine the same thing, except no le skin, maybe no skin at all. It would be an absolute horror trying to level up. Smec probably anticipated this so they created overpriced level up automatically with ice, wow smec.

But hey, this game hates everyone equally I guess.

Maybe hats will distract poor souls as they empty their wallets!


If they want F2P to complete it aswell, i assume they scaled down every requirement per level om the dial.

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They might create a hotfix based on if players will most likely reach lvl 100 or not. It’s an experimental thing. The guys at SEMC are working to and know what it means to have a life. The level 50 grind is really short for someone who gets a couple of games per day and plays a lot of games on one day. More levels means more rewards and SEMC if everything is done correctly basically created a free battlepass. But tbh the boosts that come from getting Battlepass should be perm. Encourages people to buy them early instead of waiting till 40 or something.


I’m beginning to realize that one of the biggest reasons SEMC is struggling is its salty ass community.

Takes a lot of shitty decisions to get an ass salty.


lmfao i can’t. you got that. but in all seriousness, salt over more sun levels when it’s so easy to reach max already if you have any means of boost and even if you don’t, pretty much everything you need, i.e. heroes, are easily obtained anyway? cmon now.

For the majority of the player base, reaching level 50 is not remotely “easy.”


Yep, that’s the thing. I played a lot this season, and made it to 50 with a few weeks to spare. But I wouldn’t call that “Casual” by any stretch of the imagination.
It wouldn’t even be so bad if the main prize [Krul blabla skin] was realistically obtainable for everyone, with the 50 “bonus” levels having keys and such as reward.

But as it stands now, you will be forced to play more than is enjoyable. You’ll constantly have to keep up with events for bonus Sunlight payouts and so on.
And the answer to that is: Fuck no. It’s a game, not a job.

Edit: And that’s not getting me to spend money for Sunlight levels, either. It’s just one more reason to walk away. Wasn’t required, but helps with feeling good about the decision.


and now imagine I don’t like blitz at all, I also like to use all of my skins, not only the LE’s and to top it out I play only the longest time consuming mode (out and in the match) - 5vs5. gg wp no re


Idk…I’ve never…EVER struggled with maxing sunlight, even without le skins. I mean I usually have the paid boost but even when i don’t it has never seemed hard to beat the season clock, and again, point being that heroes, which are the only thing you ‘need’ for this game unless you like talent modes, are easily obtained, so why complain about more grinding when the grinding is pretty much optional?

I think that’s the best summary of what’s wrong (imo) about the direction SEMC is taking the game.

I have a full time job, I have two kids to raise, and I have a lot of interests besides VG. At one time, VG felt like a great way to escape from the demands of my other IRL duties. Now it feels like an additional demand on my free time.

Thanks – you put into words what I’ve been feeling for the last couple of months. I too feel better about my decision to walk away.


You are talking nonsense, I play 2-3h per day, every single day and barely reach lv 50 one week before end of season. I am far away from casual player and still barely made it only because I play 5vs5, I DON’T play blitz for easy sunlight. Don’t like that mode, play only 5vs5 and also use different skins I own, after all why I paid for them if I will use only the one that gives the most sunlight? Still, with my playtime and a lot of games with LE, SE, etc skins - I barely made it.

People should stop saying how easy it is based on their blitz games. You will play 7 blitz games till I que, not accepted, draft, dodge, que, draft, finish that single 5vs5 match (I play ranked 99% of the time).


I’m not talking nonsense. I mean I play way more than 2-3 hours a day usually. More like 5-6 total which probably skews my viewpoint, but there are quite a few days where I don’t play at all, and I have literally never struggled with sunlight. Not before bp, and definitely not after. It is literally weird to me to hear that people struggle with getting to level 50. For me it has always been a passing thing. Like ‘oh i reached 50’ like 3 weeks early and forget about it. I literally cannot comprehend struggling to reach 50 as it has never happened to me whether i had a boost or not.

Edit: and also I usually play ranked nowadays as well. In the past few days I’ve been on a blitz binge and in the past i almost purely played blitz (over 2000 wins from blitz alone) but i play a lot of ranked too, so i don’t know if that’s why you’re saying people are saying it’s easy because of blitz but i will say for me at least, it has NEVER made a difference.

let’s complain after the patch release…for now we don’t have evidence that it’ll require double effort of current sunlight…


Let’s just say you’re not the typical VG player, then!


It probably feels like that cause we’re all so invested (or some of you were) in the game lol

To add to that, when a company decides around how grindy the game to be or any decision around time playing, they take the average time for all the players, not the extremes. 5-6h per day for a mobile game is extremity(actually for any type of gaming, with my 2h I think I play way too much. Still no kids and great gf, I guess :smiley:).


Even though I don’t play much any more, I still spend several hours a day doing stuff related to Vainglory: participating in several Discords, reading the SEMC Slack channels, browsing Reddit & Twitter, maintaining Andromeda, and keeping an eye on you lot :rbgwen:


lol and @hazeleyes I’m not typical but I don’t see it as extreme. I mean I’m a gamer, as in rpg enthusiast, 100% completionist, that type of gamer. Again maybe that skews my viewpoint but I really don’t see 2 hours a day on a game as anything but non casual, as many games on systems require at least 20-40 hours to finish, going up to 70+, and at 2 hours a day, you’d be playing those forever.

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That was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while :joy: