The Great RWBY Cosplay Thread


:rwby_salem: SALEM

:rwby_watts: ARTHUR WATTS



:rwby_torchwick: ROMAN TORCHWICK

:rwby_neo: NEOPOLITAN


Jacques Schnee

Whitley Schnee

Hei “Junior” Xiong, Melanie & Miltia Malachite


:rwby_zwei: ZWEI

I’m in awe of this cosplay gigadump and how it came out of nowhere. You absolute madman.

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dude sun looks like he could realistically wield shotgun nun chucks and beat yo ass lmao. Looks fantastic

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Hi, I’m the Maria cosplayer. I signed up on this site just to tell you that you need to credit every single one of these cosplayers. Wherever you found all these cosplay images, you need to link out to the cosplayers’ pages. The least you could’ve done would’ve been to include their handles/names, but you didn’t even do that. It’s not fair for us to put in all this work only to be discredited. I strongly suggest you take the time to properly credit (as in names as well as an easily accessible link) the next time you make this type of post.

For reference, I’m the Maria Calavera cosplayer. My cosplay alias is Ashweez Cosplay and you can credit me by linking to any of my social accounts:

Thank you. These are some fantastic cosplayers that I want to know more about, so you can see why I’m upset that I have no means of finding them online.

Thank you for coming here to say hello! Just FYI, I definitely do my best to credit folks on this site for art, cosplay, etc., but most of these were found with no identifying information attached to them.

I DO have info for a few (though I didn’t for yours), and I’ve meant to add that to the posts — I’ve just not got around to doing so.

Again, my apologies for not doing a better job of crediting these amazing cosplayers, yourself included. It wasn’t my intention to offend anyone.