The great forum war is upon us

Team daddy will reign supreme! To your battle stations!!! This is our commander Lt. HufflePuff. He will lead us to victory!!!


It’s ok Emperor Asparagus is ready to defend his waifu’s honour. get ready for defeat HufflePuff


:open_mouth: I knew you were scheming behind our backs! NO MERCY!!!

how am i scheming behind your back. you don’t have eyes in the back of your head do you? also we are on different teams so it shouldn’t be that unexpected…

If all our enemies are like this it shall be an easy win :laughing:

But u said u got team daddy, so you were suppose to bite the bullet and serve your current loyalty

i said i wanted team daddy but i got the pantless furry instead


Right. I was thinking about Red Kestrel lol

as i said before: if all our enemies are such scatterbrains then it will be an easy win

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Nani?! You dare insult the mighty team daddy?! DEUS VULT!!!

no u


I have been wounded my brothers and sisters! The forbidden jutsu was unleashed on me! :face_with_head_bandage:

Team Gwen = only team. Any other team is a fallacy.


For those who want to serve team Gwen as Gwen.

Shameless advertising to the max.

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What team are you in?
And the majority of the guild?

I agree!

Shameless isn’t a bad thing though lol

So far
Gwen; Kat, Penta, Lincoln, Me, Sca, Trashy
Reza; You, Sloth, Sanyam

So basically no one in team Reza.
proceeds to instalock wp grump jungle with lapdog skin for xtra points
We won’t let you GWIN!!!

Even though I was forcibly conscripted to Team Reza, I’m still loyal to Team Gwen, and not even torture will change my mind!

This is awkward, all these Rezas don’t realize they already lost