The Fury taka skin

So i unlocked the skin and here are the unofficial effect changes-
1)His blades are now chainsaws. Basic attacks sound different and the mortal strikes sound like a chainsaw when switched on.
2)When using kaku, he lets out black smoke and gets a black box with spikes on it.
3)His x retsu is the the normal x retsu with sparks with some sort of dark coloration to it.
Basically the skin has a dark theme to it.


Answers to your thread

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I’m curious. How’d you get the skin? I didn’t update the game yet ;-;

RNG hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

Body is very clear shut up forums

What does his skin looks like Mad Max…



I had got ice from the event n decided to spend it on the new content chest with hopes of getting anka but got the skin instead :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty satisfied tho. I like the skin.

Makes sense! This skin has been in the works for a long-time, I think, and was probably developed around the same themes as Fury Rona, also Mad Max inspired.

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Maybe, it would be nice if the artist shows how he got his inspiration from…

It’s not really necessary or worth it. There use to be a paragraph or more of the artist’s thoughts/process on the skin but then that stopped. Think it was just one of those things they no longer saw a point in including

well, since I am an artist. It would benefit me reading them and see how their artwork came about. but sad that they stopped

I definitely enjoyed reading about the process of creating the skins also – even though I am no artist, I have been a designer in past lives, and I enjoy learning about others’ creative processes.

I miss the various things like that which SEMC once thought were so cool that they wanted to share them with the community.

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i guess it was time constraint, more heros , more to balance etc so they decided to stop sharing process and put more time into things that matter which is understanable

why no reveal? screenshot? video?
you own the skin so it would be nice of you to share a video :wink:

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A rare Taka skin with new effects, put that next to 3 SE Lyra skin and the SE Ringo skin…see how they would compare. Much sense, much wow.

unfortunately i cant record on my phone ;-;
I could take pictures but i thought fura taka got released officially on fb?