The Facebook community is really annoying

Facebook is a cancerous site already, but I expected more from these so called “fans” of the game who mostly complain about the lack of originality of the new heroes, throwing shit at the developers for no reason at all and still using the dead meme “vg ez ded LUL”. From my point of view, the developers care a lot about this precious/toxic community and they should receive a better treatment for their constant hard work. If you think that the new heroes lack of originality it’s fine; they can’t pull out 300% original heroes on EVERY single update. Plus, they care so much about us, the ungrateful players who bitch about little details, that when the first battlegrounds event didn’t go well because how hard it was, they pulled it out AGAIN but with more rewards and more chances of playing. I dont have any other experiences from when the developers did something to please the community since I entered the game on December. But from what I have seen, the developers care a lot about its players. SEMC May have deleted the card system to make more money, or may have nerfed the strongest support, or maybe they will never release a new ozo skin, but they don’t deserve this. Respect the developers just as they respect the balance and overall experience of the game.

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Kek there are hundreds of other heroes/champions in other MOBAs and SEMC tries hard to create something that was not done before and yet they are still apparently unoriginal. Ecks dee


I only have a problem with the character’s personality and archetypes. SEMC has created original character gameplay designs that are good. Like Kinetic and Kensei gameplay wise are very original to me.

Kinetic and Kensei? I’d say they’re the least orgnial characters they’ve released lately.

Having said that hero’s like malene, churnwalker etc are unique ideas, I accept it’s not possible to come up with unique characters every time and right now i feel we could do with some volume over uniqueness.

Keep up the good work SEMC.


They chose that over us…

Contemplate on that one…

I love how there is a Black female in game now. One of the rona cosplayers commented on the lack of a dark female and one of the Devs replyed “soon”.

For once the devs are listening

Kind of disappointing that it took them 3 years, though.

True, i wont be surprised if they are sucking up to the community

How many moba characters you know how skill sets like Kinetic and Kensei?

Yasuo cuz he has a sword and is Chinese like kensei xddddddddddddss

Oh how’d I not know those clear SIMILARITIES lol. But even if you were right I was talking about kit designs, I’ve made pretty clear that SEMC can not make a original hero for the life of them and half of them have no personality.

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