The Eve is dead.. long live the spellfire

On a broader note lifesteal appears to be dead, with serpent mask being brutally forced into the meta by giving it 100 base wp, and heroes like krul and baptiste only meta due to their stickinesss/ cc…

But let’s talk about Eve of Harvest, I don’t really see a single hero for whom this is a core item (in the first 3 damage items of their build)

So the long story is- junglers such as koshka and alpha are gonna be going Aftershock, Dragon’s Eye/ spellfire, and broken myth
Mid laners like Samuel and Celeste will likely go dragons eye, clockwork/ spellfire, broken myth
Tankier semi carries like Grumpjaw or top laners (taka, Ozo, Catherine) will be seen with aftershock, stormcrown, tension bow (usually two of the 3) and a whole heap of defence.
Alas, even the classic candidates for Eve, the auto attack cp carries like Varya, Vox and Crystal Idris usually have to resign Eve to their fourth item slot (if they get it at all) because the passive from AC, dragons eye and Broken Myth are just superior, and with the sustain granted from the crystal buff along with healing flask, and the ineffectiveness of lifesteal in counter to the ridiculous burst damage possible in 5v5, Eve just has no place on hypercarries or tanks…

TL;DR, a crystal item that’s main benefit is lifesteal and that only provides as much damage as a heavy prism has no place in the meta; it took 100wp to Male serpent’s mask effective, I see no way that Eve can survive with 55 without a buff to this number, or maybe an increase in the size of its passive +25% lifesteal pool (I’ve literally used this with one heliogenesis lol ).

For me it’s just the fact that SEMC removed the ability for Lifesteal to stack. I know this only applies to WP really since CP doesn’t have a second Lifesteal item(lol that’s honestly sad how little developed our item tree is). I just don’t like the move by SEMC so I choose not to pick it, not because it’s not viable. But that’s just me.


I buy a boe early as many CP heroes and just drop healing when I want to build my final item.

Eve should be reworked yeah. 55CP is a joke for its price and use… Especially when boe at 300 gold offers comparable healing…

Vampirism affects all damage sources. Perhaps some heroes should build SM over Eve…

I like Eve on Skaarf. His early 1v1 is really good. If I get ahead, then I go SG, Eve, BM, DE/SF. CW works well for turret taking but Eve provides more early 1v1 damage due to SG, HP build path. The sustain is also really nice. DE, CW is better for late game fights.

Eve should be 60 CP and CW should be 30 CP. The reason we don’t see Eve is CW is still to good.

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if this becomes meta i s2g.

i think the problem isn’t just it’s stats, but the fact that there are way too many items that are also high priority.
gotta get DE bc that makes you potentially stronk, then BM because shields are terrible (but maybe yhis changed with the recent nerfs to defense?), then there’s CW which helps you use your ult like twice in a battle.
because of it’s stats, it’s just not something that you take early because you could be heavily outdamaged against someone with say, a DE, so then maybe midgame right? but the enemy’s starting to build defenses, so you really need pierce. after your core, getting aegis is basically a need because god bless reflex block. after all that, eve is just aan after thought

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Its because Aftershock wins vs Eve by a large margin. Aftershock hasnt been adjusted towards the new health scaling and decrease in shield, so it got stupidly strong. Eve on the other hand suffered from these changes, because the passive runs out faster.


Not just lifesteal. A/SP too (you know what that means right?)

Tbh, whenever I use Skaarf, I go DE-CW-SF-BM. The burn damage is insane.

When an item cannot seriously be considered as a second purchase it serves no purpose in the game. They should seperate the energy and the lifesteal into different items.

I actually like Eve as my first item on Skaarf, since I go Crystal bit and energy battery at the start, this chains directly into the Eve, which is nice for lane sustain and energy recharge. Other than that, possibly Varya or CP Alpha works well with Eve.

The drop in dmg going that is substantial tho and can be exploited by a good laner/players. :slight_smile:

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What, CP Alpha? Since when is Eve in Alpha a thing…


There are two reasons you don’t buy Eve the majority of the time.

A. It f***ing sucks stat-wise. I don’t think I need to do the numbers comparing it to Clockwork and any decent CP item past Heavy Prism.

B. This is the part some of you are forgetting. Eve works best when your character can take damage then survive to regain the health. Eve is doable on someone like Reim or Ozo because their kit already works well around sustain. If you are taking heavy damage on someone like Skaarf or Celeste you either survive because your team helps you/your opponents are idiots, or you die. Eve just murders your damage output and your lifesteal is generally irrelevant due to your status as a squishy priority target. You literally don’t live long enough for lifesteal to matter if you get caught out - so max your damage output. And if you aren’t getting caught out, WHY on earth do you need lifesteal?


Yup you make the right points, honestly Eve needs to literally allow you to heal something ridiculous like half your bar with one big supernova or goop to be viable as a means of surviving instead of defence, or at least 80cp to be an alternative to other damage items.

I mean… Ozo? I still go with the Eve/aftershock build on him, although I do think Eve has become less important and AS more so. The only other Hero I can actually think of for building Eve on atm is Samuel, because of his Heroic perk. But I do see what you mean.

One hero doesn’t justify an item

Eve of Harvest is still a core item on Reim, Ozo, and Skaarf. It can also still be a great item on any CP hero that can duel it out over long periods of time when coupled with Dragon’s Eye and Broken Myth, like Celeste or Samuel or Alpha.

But yes, it could use a CP boost IMO.


As others have said, eve still applies on a lot of heroes. It does need a buff to stats though, because right now you don’t even really pick it for the lifesteal so much as the energy sustain. The lifesteal itself could really use a boost in some way, as it almost never comes in handy without other sustain items. Problem is I could see some builds being broken with better lifesteal on them so some other adjustments would have to be made, but eve really doesn’t benefit a lot of CP heroes as much as aftershock usually does, especially during team fights. In fact, the only time I find eve really all that helpful is at range and again, mainly only for energy hungry heroes. It really is filler right now.

How would you rate the item efficiency compared to Serpents mask? Serpents mask offers 2/3rd of SB weapon power plus the same healing as Eve.

Eve has a little over 1/3rd of a SG Crystal power. I do not value the energy and regen as 45 CP maybe 30 CP max.

Eve should be 70 CP imo.

What are your thoughts?

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Eve isn’t a core item on Skaarf tbh he always goes DE BM spellfire followed usually by clockwork, but I agree that Ozo and Reim are exceptional

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