The Current State of VaingloryFire

Why in Off Topic?

Placing this in Off Topic because I don’t believe it fits into Heroes, Builds + Items since it’s more to do with of the state of the site itself, and not the items in Vainglory.

What exactly is the deal with VaingloryFire?

I’m confused - discussing item builds in a thread earlier led me to the site to be sure of certain stats (which then in turn distracted me enough to make this thread) of Utility items - in particular those found exclusively for 5v5.

They’re not there. I checked, checked and checked again. Unless they’re deeply hidden within the site somewhere which isn’t under their Items Wiki, I can’t find 'em.

What’s the deal? The site is clearly updated. New heroes are updated, skin news is updated - it’s obvious that there’s work done on the site.

To add insult to injury, if you choose the menu on the upmost-left corner, you can choose which “Fire” site you wish to visit, split between multiple sites. If you’re on their landing page, which is for League of Legends (MOBAFIRE), it even states that VaingloryFire is a featured site. I’m assuming this means SEMC in some way payed for that?

I’m not going to sit here and downtalk SEMC, that’s not the point of the thread. I just can’t believe that there’s an importance/emphasis placed on VaingloryFire and yet the site isn’t even a properly detailed database of current-tier items. This makes me worry if the site has any reliable data on anything that’s already present, save for what is clearly missing.

Oh is that still alive? I thought it was abandoned. Weird how there’s a button for vgFire next to every hero, even though the site is unreliable

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i only use it for the wiki items list. Don’t trust anything else in there.

How do you trust it when the list is incomplete? What about the items list do you have faith in if you have none in the rest of the platform?

i trust it because I do regular comparisons in game. it’s only a quick reference guide for me. the stats was off for a long time and only just got updated.

If you need to make the comparisons regularly to validate that the list is still correct, why even add the extra step and just stick to using the game? That doesn’t sound terribly efficient.

I suppose you just do it for the sake of certainty?

No, I just don’t like leaving the game running. because people keep “inviting” me to games when i’m not actually available.

i use it for theory crafting. and answering questions on forums about certain items.

There isn’t any other wiki list for items anyway. it’s the only one on the internet I believe. I like how moving the mouse over the item will list the attributes.

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There isn’t any other since when? Doesn’t Vainaura count?

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Wow, thank you for this. You know what’s messed up? Googling many different search terms for “Vainglory 5v5 items” or anything around that sort of general spectrum of keywords, this site does not show up.

Probably because it is an api site and with that added on also shows high tier build and item winrates too along with hero win rates

Edit: also shows when a hero goes on sale

Breaking Point is having a heart attack.

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It’s been dead for years. They tried to bring it back after killing the og forums and you can tell how well that went from the state of the site.