The charm animation

Is it free now or whats up? The pass menu only has one pass and the pass for charms emote is gone. If thats the case then i am really frecken happy.

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Charms pass is no more. If you ever bought a charms pass, you get the kissy face one for free. Otherwise, you have to buy them individually now.

Edit: Apparently, you had to have an active charms pass at the time of the update to get the kissy face. :unamused: Not cool, SEMC.

well, i dont have it. and there website states, that you had to have an active charms pass before updating the game.
this is so out of the blue and weird, i am not even angry with semc. i am just sad to see them doing the same idiotic stuff all over again.
was there a warning before the update? i didnt see it.

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Not that I saw anywhere.

I really hope they don’t get greedy with this and do what’s right and sell the Kissy Emoji for like 8k Glory and/or x amount of ICE. Considering its perm now.

so we finally get permanent charms. thats cool. was about time.
but WHY did you have to had an ACTIVE charms pass to get the kissy face charm permanently and WHY didnt we know about this BEFORE the update?
every time semc makes one step forward, they make three steps back as well.

this is my rant. i placed it in the salt mine, because i am just very angry and non productive in this post.


500 glory. everything else IS greedy. they gabe it away for that price to anyone who happened to get it a week ago for this price.

It’s infinite now. If there was an option to get it for infinite in the past for 8k glory or some amount of ICE and at the same time there is the 7 day charms pass for 499 I’m pretty sure people would have gone for the first one. Tbh they should have done that from the beginning as well.

499 Glory for having access to all the dances for every single previous hero and future hero is just too good. The price would be justified.

despite being old the kissy emoji is also the best one out of all of them.

and yet those who happened to have the charm before the update got exactly this. i think it wasnt a smart move from semc to do this without anouncing it first, but of course they hope to sell the animations and dont want everyone to already have the charms.

this was done out of pure greed and i hope it gets enough players railed up, but i doubt it.

I’m kinda pissed about this. I wish I had known before I updated on both of my devices, I could have bought into it. It makes me think they planned it, players got frustrated with paying so much for one charm that they just gave up buying it, which is when SEMC swooped in and changed it.

So taunts and such are now free. It sucks because I spent a lot of glory to have charms for a few weeks and now that’s all gone(I hope SEMC does refunds) and because now everyone is gonna spam each other it’s going to be so toxic.

Edit: I’m always making threads on the same subject.

Only if you have them, if not you have to buy them or wait until you get it from chests

So after reading some of this. I think 400 ice for charms for all the heroes is a good deal. (In the market they have charms for 400 ice). I’d buy it now before SEMC increase it, I take back my initial comment about glory for charms. I didn’t know I’d get them for free. Don’t have to waste glory on it anymore so it’s a plus. I also got the shaka emote from (I think) a silver chest so these charms are easy to find too.

Wow that sucks. Thank jeebus i bought the charms pass. Before the update.

That’s odd. In-game it says if you bought it at all before 3.6 you would get it. I’ll check if I have it or not.

Edit: Read website. “If it was active.” SEMC this is disgusting.

So wait what happens to normal emotes now? :open_mouth: i need my Catherine taunt

what the heck. so me buying 21 days worth is not counted as “owned”? you actually need to “own” it?

edit: nevermind. i found out that it needs to be selected in my loot bag.

Lel… serves me right for not checking every fucking place for information, before updating.

600 glory for permanent charms if you knew, or 400 ICE if you didn’t. Kekek

For those of you who have a tonn of unopened rare, silver and gold chests… go open them. I found those charm emoji’s hiding in some of them and some of the social pings as well…

still need to complete the social ping pack in order to use them.

i opened my silver chest and got a part of the minion pack so now I have 2/5 for that and 1/5 for the kraken one. tbh the ping packs are pretty f2p despite being literal pay to get.