The best of both worlds - devices

OK so hear me out…

With pc, you get better vision, and overall performance because it’s a computer. You can also exploit ethernet cable.

With tablet, you get great controls.

Is VG compatible with a touch screen laptops?

Woah you just blew my mind. Now I wish my laptop had touch screen.

This question was posed on Reddit and some earlier posts on this forum as well. I have yet to see a definite answer from a DEV.

All i can say is: I damn sure hope so. I don’t see why not.

The only way at the moment is to use emulator software on a touchscreen laptop. which is a lot of messing around.

My laptop has a touchscreen but doesn’t flip around. I should’ve bought the 2 in 1 model. :disappointed:

I have a 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop and have yet to try it but I’ll get back to you


Surface pro anyone? Does anyone own a surface pro?

Nope, unless you install via Bluestacks. Tried downloading it to my Microsoft surface pro 4, touch screen doesn’t work. However when I downloaded it into Bluestacks, works perfectly fine. @Xaldarian @Ve3nNo0wM

Don’t understand how it works so I might be talking BS but I think in the Trello page it was stated that it’s gonna work with touchscreen laptons in future. Still not implemented yet though. I don’t think it’s gonna be the best platform to play on though. You’ll be pretty slow on a bigger screen and also good luck with activate items.

i think ideally it would be a hybrid touch and keyboard. with both being an option.

One hand on the keyboard with all activables in reach… the other touch tapping away on the screen instead of using the mouse ?

i think people just want the option to experiment with what the best set up would be.

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Nah I’m not trying to take anything away from anyone. Just my opinion, people can use whatever they want though. But even with a hybrid imagine you are kiting as Ringo for example. You need to click both sides of the screen constantly and quickly. It’s going to be hard and uncomfortable on big screen and especially if you use 1 hand only in case you have keyboard as you suggested. Maybe some will like it but for me this would be nightmare.


All I want is for Vainglory to pop up on steam and some popular Twitch and YouTube streamer popularize it.

You need to search for krul replies on Reddit when they released the pc version , I remember he said that the touch screen works but it’s not supported , which means you going to have problems playing with it , so they going to make it perfect probably in the future , their focus now to make it perfect for mouse and keyboard .

i’m played on PC but i’m play vox , ringo , etc very hard to shutter step click right click right click right click right lol

This was my first thought. I used to have one, too. :frowning: