The Art of Legends of Runeterra

Just thought I’d share some of the art from Riot’s new Legends of Runeterra CCG …

100% chance I will be playing this game, even if it’s just to collect these spectacular cards …


I have never played LoL, but this game seems interesting (based on the beta videos I’ve seen). Definitely worth giving it a try IMO. Now I just need to wait until it gets launched.

Make sure to preregister to play at

Next playtest is in November!

I don’t have time to playtest it thanks to the awesome exam calendar I have… not until summer. But maybe I can get some time to try it… maybe :slight_smile:

For some reason I find that face a bit ironic, but it’s not my intention.

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Because my eyes are still burning from looking at that Ishtar skin, I thought I’d post some proper game art I’ve collected over the past couple of months:

All paintings are by the talented artists of SIXMOREVODKA, with art direction by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic