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The argument to remove 'Adrenaline' as a 'Mechanic'


I think if the game is gonna be on multiple platforms such as PC, then mobile players might have an advantage due to stutter stepping being FAR easier to do on tablet/phone than on mouse and keyboard. It CAN pose some balance issues


Actually Xenotek if i remember correctly already talked about this. Stutterstepping is just as easy on the pc as it is on mobile. The only downside for PC is that the way they stutter step is using the “attack nearest heros” button and mouse which is a pain to SS on a target in a team fight since they are grouped. While mobile can just select the target and ground to easily stutterstep.

PC = Mobile stutterstep in 1v1. Not team fights


If PC is at a disadvantage when SSing against grouped enemies, it’s not balanced lol.

Xenotek is wrong.


I obviously said 1v1 is balanced not teamfighting. ok

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