The amazing state of damage items | damage items are perfectly balanced and no one is talking about it


I agree, I’m not saying the items are done (in a MOBA they really never are)

Just that a lot of progress has been made recently, and that the current damage items are in a good place.


You’re joking right? It’s become evident that Kinetic and Silvernail are the first two WP carries to show distinct types of WP damage. Kinetic builds SM BP BS because she wants to ramp, Silvernail just wants to be able to a lot of damage with his kit which allows him to set himself up for two or three autoattacks before enemies run away (unless he uses his Ult which guarantees the kill for him). Silver wants to build SB TT TM TM.

Opportunist (Silvernail) vs. an opportunity creator (Kinetic) both have different playstyles and builds…


Say that to hundor, L3oN, HellsDevil, imaginatioN, Sneaky and the rest of the VG gold-silver players. No, I’m not joking, if you watch the competitive you will see, it’s the same build for both.


With the coming update, we really gotta show SEMC when they’re doing RIGHT. I’ve noticed how well the dmg is balanced now as well and we gotta give semc credit where it’s due. Almost all of us complain enough! Lol