The absolute closest call I’ve ever had

I little bit ago I was playing an ARAL match with Inara and I had without a doubt the closest call in my life. I dived in to try to finish off the enemy Koshka and maybe Varya as well, knowing full well that I most likely would have not survived, but thanks to her p2w rare talent and my ally Grace, I was able to cheat death somehow.

I’m honestly still a little in disbelief on how I was able to survive.


You had the heal buff item and her healing talent easy to survive but you actually jumped a lot and took too much damage , I once had a game with Inara healing talent and flicker healing talent and I think our third was Magnus , you can’t kill him too much heal .

Looks like :vgitem_rooksdecree: saved ya with that last turret hit? The barrier came just in time.