The 3.8 item changes that i hate

  1. Weapon blade’s gold efficiency
    Weapon blade gives 10wp for 300 gold, making it the worst item based on its gold/stat ratio at 30 gold/wp. Even its t2 and t3 items have better gold efficiency. T1 items are supposed to be the most gold efficient because you take up more item slots. The items for the other item trees still follow the lower tier=more gold efficient rule, its ONLY the weapon blade that isnt the case anymore, its actually the complete opposite.

  2. 35% cooldown cap
    This did not need to happen. Many non-cp heavy heroes rely on building lots of cooldown, especially for junglers who mostly use AS cooldown builds. With crystal infusion already giving 15% cooldown, you waste cooldown whenever you build more than 1 cooldown item. Cp heavy users (mages) dont even reach the cooldown cap because they only build a clockwork at most. Imagine if attack speed is limited to 1 attack speed item, and building multiple attack speed items doesnt give you more attack speed. Because this is what the 35% cooldown cap does. Revert it.

  3. Stormcrown
    Why did stormcrown get changed from a jungle clear item to a support objective stealing item? Stormcrown sucks at doing its job now, and cp junglers suffer. Notice how there is actually ZERO good cp junglers to use now. All of them are destroyed by this change. Revert stormcrown to what its supposed to be: a jungle clear item and NOT a support item.

  4. Aftershock and breaking point
    These 2 items are core to so many heroes, and both of them got nerfed to oblivion. What do you even expect to happen to the meta when half the heroes have their core builds destroyed? “We wanted to move weapon and crystal power into a centralized meaning – weapon power is generally more consistent mid-high damage while crystal power is short bursts of high damage”. Sure, lets achieve the complete opposite and nerf aftershock’s burst damage and buff tension bow’s burst damage. Also, lets completely delete breaking point.

  5. Infusions
    Wp infusion got a massive buff to its attack speed while cp infusion is indirectly nerfed from the 35% cooldown cap. You get so much attack speed from the wp infusion you dont even need to build attack speed items. This is what makes wp reza (and wp inara) so strong, and why the meta is 3 wp or even 4 wp heroes. You can build TB and stack wp and your attack speed is still so fast as if you bought a tornado trigger. Why cant infusions just give pure wp/cp and no attackspeed/cooldown? Or at least make them like wp/cp buffs, amplifying wp/cp damage and giving a slow on auto attacks or lifesteal on abilities. If that happens, at least the 35% cooldown cap wont be that bad because you wont waste stats from your cp infusion. But i still want 45% cooldown because some junglers like cp lance need that amount of cooldown.

  6. 10 SHUN BOH
    No explanation needed. Tension bow is the wp meta. If your kit is able to utilize it, its meta. If your kit isnt able to utilize it, down the trashcan you go. Yet its the only thing keeping wp heroes alive because there is no more breaking point.

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They did this due to the nerf to RB to prevent CC abuse. I dont see anything wrong with it.

Completely agree. At least we have TB (i wouldnt be able to suffer a cp meta as they are usually poke metas and it bores me).
WP metas are IMO much more enjoyable than cp ones and Burst>sustain, so although i dont like how unbalance is the game right now, i enjoy this meta a lot, IMO, the best we’ve got since the balanced 2.8 update.

Or how bout just dont nerf RB? Oh yeah, RB fixed barrier is another item change i hate now.


So WP heros can spam AAs but a CP hero hero cant spam their abilities? Ok.

Just change the roam heros cooldowns

I didnt like the RB nerf, but if they do that then they have to reduced the cc spam. I would prefer to revert all those changes.

The cc doesnt come only from roams. They did that to prevent them from spamming their cc, which obviously affect their other abilities. Nevertheless, an abilitiy spam oriented play style was never intended for the mages, so they addressed that too. The difficulty of playing skill shot heroes is that you need to hit the abilities, but when you can just spam it takes that aspect from the game.

Its just dumb that you go past the cooldown cap with just building 2 cooldown items like AS SC, which is a core build to so many heroes. At least before it got nerfed to oblivion.

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What do you want them to do then? without reverting the RB changes.

Either make infusions give pure wp/cp so cp infusion wont give wasted CDR stats, or keep the 45% cooldown cap and nerf the cooldowns of the problematic CC spam heroes individually.

So nerfing all those who doesnt buy cooldown…

… or make CDR items a must. I dont think neither of those is a good idea.

Or just dont touch the 45% cooldown cap so all the cp junglers wont be dead?

Then we will have a cc spam, which leads to a cc meta like the last we had, something they cant do because of how much the comunity complaint about it. CP juglers are dead because the meta is all about TB, not because they are weak.

I’m confused on this - can you walk me through the numbers? It’s become more inefficient, but hasn’t it always been inefficient? And it looks like CP does the same thing:

3.8 WP

Item Stat Increase Gold Efficiency
Weapon Blade +10 300 30
Six Sins +25 350 14
Heavy Steel +45 850 18.9
Sorrowblade +120 1300 10.8
…combined items
…WB+SS +35 650 18.6
…WB+HS +55 1150 20.9
…WB+SS+HS+SB +200 3100 15.5

3.7 WP

Item Stat Increase Gold Efficiency
Weapon Blade +15 300 20
Six Sins +30 350 11.7
Heavy Steel +55 850 15.5
Sorrowblade +150 1300 8.7
…combined items
…WB+SS +45 650 14.4
…WB+HS +70 1150 16.4
…WB+SS+HS+SB +250 3100 12.4

3.8 CP

Item Stat Increase Gold Efficiency
Crystal Bit +15 300 20
Eclipse Prism +30 350 11.7
Heavy Prism +45 750 16.7
Shatterglass +125 1300 10.4
…combined items
…CB+EP +45 650 14.4
…CB+HP +60 1050 17.5
…CB+EP+HP+SG +215 3000 14

3.7 CP

Item Stat Increase Gold Efficiency
Crystal Bit +20 300 15
Eclipse Prism +35 350 10
Heavy Prism +50 750 15
Shatterglass +150 1300 8.7
…combined items
…CB+EP +55 650 11.8
…CB+HP +70 1050 15
…CB+EP+HP+SG +255 3000 11.8

I’m sure I’m missing something, and I always thought T1s were more efficient too… Am I running these numbers wrong?

For t2 and t3 items you need to use the full cost i think.

I agree with your statement cool down change, bp , stormcrown, and aftershock.

But I’m really the only one who doesn’t have much problems with TB. Tbh Kinetic and Ringo are like the top bot wp lanes but Baron and Gwen are the ones who take most advantage of TB but they’re not as good as those two.

Both baron and gwen are better than Kinetic and Ringo.

Most definitely not, a stutterstep god Ringo with the right build can take down any other WP hero

But those are in the charts already?

edit: wait, I think I get it now. The issue isn’t combined efficiency of different items, it’s efficiencies in like amounts of gold. So, 650 gold for a weapon blade and six sins v. 600 gold for two weapon blades.

Not in my experience. But I admit that I am not gonna speak on what’s meta I’m just saying I think TB is having more of a placebo affect than actually being OP. People do not venture far from the meta in this game so I don’t really think anyone’s opinion is accurate.

Ringo: 54.71% pick rate and 49.60& win rate

Kinetic: 20.82% pick rate, 48.37% win rate.

Baron: 30.69% PR, 51.15% WR

Gwen: 59.07% PR, 53,20% Win rate.

All of them are more less as hard to play. Judge youself.