That extra week gave a huge advantage

You can certainly tell who played the extra week and who didn’t. Been out rotating people through the jungle like crazy, even though I’m playing lane.

Although, I’m noticing a ton of afks.

Noticing the AFKS also (30 Characters)

It’s suffering for anyone who knows what they’re doing. I can’t SoloQ 5v5 anymore. Nobody has done their research. They don’t rotate, they don’t take buffs, and they get ganked due to their lack of vision.

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It think it was only golden ticket holders who even thought to do research. The incoming players have no clue and with no forced tutorial from SEMC they’re aren’t going to learn quickly either.

This game desperately needs a suite of training levels.

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5 v 5 going to pretty rough, even those with tickets had no clear idea of what they were doing.

An example? Okay I had three matches in a row where CP lane Catherine was a thing (come on…) they got totally destroyed and decided to just leave their lane and wander the map.

In a game where VG players are getting matched with tier 4 opposition your going to get wild matches which snowball quickly. It will be frustrating, as a result you’ll get a lot of AFK’s as people decide to give up on a 20/25 minute match they can’t win.

Yeah, it’s been pretty much chaos on the Rise so far. My most frequent issue is that my team ends up with 2 laners and either 2 captains or 2 junglers, and nobody even attempts to hold the third lane. :roll_eyes:

I’ve had a couple of good matches, though, so I’m hopeful as more people learn what they’re supposed to be doing, things will improve soon.

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This is what im afraid of. In 3v3, VG is full of strategy. But in 5v5, VG will lose its uniqueness. There will many new player who attracted to play vg in new 5v5 style. Most of them will think that vg will be just like another 5v5 mobas. So i dont know about vg for the next weeks. What will it become.

Wrong, SEMC chose to go with similar 5v5 map BUT with some unique stuffs on it (such as speed boost on river, able to take the orb from dead hero, there is river shops) which mixes of LoL and DotA 2 mechanics (which i really like). They went this way because it will welcome players from other MOBAs with similar map and strategy but ofc they will look for something unique that they never felt in other MOBAs.


bUt iTs jUsT a CaSuAL.

Well, here’s something that you don’t see everyday…

Are you implying that 5v5 isn’t?

I have seen 1 afk in 8 matches…

Also the learning curve for 5v5 isn’t high if you are familiar with 5v5 games… Aov and ML have the same kind of map all mobas have the same kind of map.
The differences are easily picked up…

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Nah, that’s just because you have been paired up with noobs.

Rank 10 here, and still meet T4 players on both side (according to

Just instalock mid, pick a hero who can clear wave fast, gank and then snowball, and you win!

Instalock mid Samuel. Tried and true - 5 wins/0 losses since 5v5 dropped

dead give away for noobs is ignoring buffs that have been dropped by dead players

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Dead give away - white ping Blackclaw and squishy laner continues to push… alone… with no vision

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Kek I had 2 captains and we needed to have no jungler, so the laners doubled as junglers just to get buffs. We still smacked the match was insanely ez, but it made me think if we can legit make duo captain a legitimate strat cause then two laners would have a constant partner protecting them…o and I almost died 1v1ing Ghostwing as WP BF I was mid, but I made sure my timing was right so I had Aegis and my flask ready :^)

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Yeah, it’s really easy to tell the differences between all of the early access players or at least those who read up pre-release from the new 5v5 bandwagon players and such. One of the biggest ones I’ve seen is the lack of cam usage. I’ve seen a good amount of players (both allies and enemies) that completely ignore placing cams.

Samuel is pretty dope 5v5. Saw a horrid Samuel player recking last night. If he actually landed most of his malice and verdicts he would have been unstoppable.

Haha, I had a CP mid lane Catherine in a game. Maybe it was the same one. I think I was playing Arden…or Ozo maybe…and I just let him get smashed and they abandoned their lane as well. I don’t even waste my time trying to support off meta positions unless they are competent at it just as a lesson to them.

But yeah, we got our two mid lane turrets pushed back in the first 10 minutes. It was pretty ridiculous.

Although, support Catherine is fun as hell in 5v5, can play hyper aggressive. You don’t do a ton of damage, but those stacks make her crazy tanky and you can fly into some crazy 1v5 engages Yolo style and still be effective.

Off topic from 5v5, but I had a ranked match against an Ardan who build damage and literally one BfB deleted 2 thirds of my health bar without defense lmao. I still went 12/0 tho kek


Welp gotta love casual 5v5 on release still tho. SoloQing in 5v5 really is pure luck and individual skill is as important as ever. I was the only person my my team I was wp Ozozozozozozozozo. Still pretty spicy right now who was holding their lane and my lane got pushed while I was trying to help my team fight a team they effectively fed with their poor laning skills since they lost a lot of turrets. I was literally the only legitimate threat in my team cause I was the only one with gold to rival the enemy team My Tako was worth only 9k gold by 19 minutes… and I aquired more kills than the rest of my team combined. The only person with more kills than me was Varya and I was the only one who killed her I believe. I could not even get 1 more competent player ;-; Rant over