Thanks for making my daughter have a great Christmas!

About two weeks ago I got in contact with somebody at SEMC and explained to them my situation where my daughter and I bonded over Vainglory and we talk about it at dinner and after homework and such. She’s only 8 but she plays around streaming the game on her phone and wanted to get a PC for Xmas to be a better streamer. She just has fun with it, nothing serious.

I offered to buy some merch from them and buy autographs from the team. The person I was in contact with told me they sent me a box in the mail that might make it for Xmas but it might not. Free of charge. If I felt the items were worth it maybe buy some ice in game. Well, today my daughter opened up her SEMC box and it had a three pack of stickers, four Bam Bam sticks, a children’s Vainglory shirt and a mug type item that keeps your drink cold for 16 hours.

She loved it! She thought it was cooler than me getting her an entire PC setup. The next big surprise came when she finally opened the drink box to go fill it up when she noticed that the bottle was actually autographed by some on the team. I just want to say a huge thank you to the team at SEMC. They didn’t have to do any of this and it made Christmas that much more memorable for me and my daughter. Thanks again!


That’s pretty damn cool. If we leave marketing decisions aside the company really seem like it has pretty cool people.

If I am not wrong they’ve done something similar with pitchblack before.

Anyway Merry Christmas!


Damn there’s some cool people at SEMC.

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This was Ed the Shred who reponded to me and set all this up.


That’s so cool!

Also, have to love that classic taka and adagio art.

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i want that vg water bottle

it is for cleansing the salt of me and my team


Damn I want those sticker so bad XD

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Was definitely the coolest of all the gifts we got!

We got three sets of that pack. In the spirit of giving, private message me your address and I will send you one of them.

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Now this is sweet. Coolest thing when companies go out of their way like that, and it wasn’t even for a photo op or anything!

Wow, mad props to SEMC, well done

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