Thank You Admins


This post may be closed quickly, as it isn’t all too enticing to creating meaningful conversation, but I’d like to say it still.

Thank you to the admins for this forum site. I’ve been trying to find a decent forum for this game. This is simple, easy to find information, and easy on the eyes. I love the rules and emphasis on positivity.

Well done. I look forward to becoming another positive and contributing member here.


Oooo positivity… Yeah…


I’m glad to hear that !!! Welcome and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hi moose, I don’t really know when this happened but when did you become moderator?


A few months now, I think. You can follow the on-going community appraisal of Moose’s moderation tenure here, in this super-serious and useful thread:


I do have one question: is there a general discussion category? Could we make one?

I found this to be a relaxing way to build community camaraderie and positivity back on the old DotA forums website (one of my favorite gaming forum sites… For RoC DotA… Way back).

By general, I mean people could talk about sports, politics, music, etc.

Thoughts? Am I just old and blind and can’t find this if it already exists?



Yep, it’s called Off Topic here … but it’s kind of hidden. To see it, just go to the Groups page and add yourself to the “Off Topic Denizens” group … the category will then automagically appear for you.

(Just FYI, discussion of politics is a mine field we’d prefer to stay away from here.)


I just want to say that I hope this place increases in activity for how beautiful this forum is. This UI, the way everything looks, its all pretty sweet. Way better than discord or reddit.


Lol c’mon saint. We can try. :slight_smile:

@Veritas Welcome!

@Varking I hope the same. The admins here really go all out to make this forum welcoming (and I really need to get around to making a sizeable donation :frowning:) . I get the need for reddit or other official channels to be separate from this forum but I also hope a lot of people migrate here but it stays unofficial. I kinda see reddit as standing in front of a crowd a making an announcement, and here as talking at like a bar or something, and I think it should stay that way. Everything has its place.

@hazeleyes hey that got me thinking, is there a section where talking about minefield subjects is allowed, but only in that section? I think it would be nice to have anyway, ya know. You never know what could inspire someone or change someone’s life and a place to talk about hot button subjects or even just life topics or going through something would be nice, where people could vent about or discuss whatever, kind of like the saltmine, but it doesn’t have to be salt. This would be hidden too because I don’t think things should be as tightly regulated there except for the real no-no’s like, idk, sharing porn or some weird stuff. But like profanity in political discussions or emotional situations would be allowed there. I played with a guy who usually had his kids with him while he played. You never know who might like, need parenting advice or something. Not that he did: this is purely hypothetical. I dunno, I miss the old days on some online games where it wasn’t just discussion about the game, but like just life and stuff. I kinda miss the days online where you can just meet a gamer and they end up impacting your real life, met a couple good friends for a time that way, and this forum has that kinda vibe.


@TheInterpreter Where do they take donations at?


I’m not sure exactly. It’s somewhere here, through Patreon I think @hazeleyes @idmonfish @HipsterSkaarf ? I could be wrong but I could have sworn somewhere I saw you could donate to help the forum run because these guys don’t get paid to do it and use their own money or something along those lines.



That was fast @hazeleyes, dang lol. There ya go @Varking. And they actually interact with us pretty often.


Bookmarked. I get paid on Thursday and will throw $25 y’alls way.


This is exactly how a forum site is supposed to look. Agreed. Reminds me of my old days roaming the WCIII RoC DotA forums. Except the community here is a lot less toxic. Better rules and guidelines here.