TFT: Galaxies

A major rework of TFT’s progression system, cosmetics, and more! Plus, mobile at last!

:arrow_up: The official page for Galaxies

Official Launch Trailer

TFT 10.6 Patch Notes :arrow_down:

Has anyone played the recent patch?

Yep! I’m addicted, thanks to my daughter. She also got my son interested :lyra:

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I should say that the stars aligned but that would be too fitting.

I have never gotten this far with a celestial comp and to make things better, I got the celestial trait (item) early in the game and dropped it on Darkstar Karma (Atkspeed and Shield bonus) and I got 6 celestials by mid game.

60% healing off of everything that’s related to damaging the enemy and i got to econ early mid to late to reroll like crazy.

Speaking of crazy, this match was the pinnacle of craziness :potoo:

Also Ms. Noodle arms carried the game with a IE and Rapid FCannon. Wasnt able to snag a rage blade but it worked out.

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Mid-set update incoming!

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Those patch notes look really good to me. Performance optimization as a top priority is spot on, and I’m really looking forward to the implementation of chat and such as well.

'will have to see what kind of ranked rewards I’m going to qualify for, but I have to say that the Little Legends skins really do it for me. I got lucky with a Protector one that just makes me happy whenever I see it.

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LOTS more info about the upcoming mid-set update! TONS of new stuff, including loads of champion changes! (Goodbye, not sorry to see you go, Valkyries! :stuck_out_tongue:)

If you have PBE access, you can check out the changes ahead of the official release!

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:arrow_up: Super-useful cheat sheet for the new Galaxies II update!

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