Terrible ping

it is not helping at all
ping is good like 30
download speed is 20 mbps
upload speed is 5 mbps
come on guys what happend
2 years ago that game was better than whats now there were no ping issue jeez fix this game
im getting like 500 ping tried everything out just fix it

Samsung galaxy s7 - g930fd

my operating system is 6.1.1

it’s because of ageing internet cables that connect all the countries in the SEA region.

My Download is 50mbps and upload is 18mbps. it has ZERO impact on PING. Due to the server location in Singapore, my ping is 147ms when i test it. Let’s not even get into lag spikes and overall lag in game… it’s bad and the worst thing is, there’s absolutely nothing SEMC can do.

laying down new cables goes into the cost of billions. it’ll take someone like Elon Musk teaming up with Bill Gates to even get any sort of funding… or some sort of government collaboration between all the countries effected.

alright thanks for heads up man hopefully in future it gets better